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Sunday Comments December 14

Todd realizes he's got to snap out of the funk he's in and face the world. Off out for a beer and a laugh. If he's so upset about that little scar, makeup does wonders! I think the night out did make him feel a bit better until the police came to tell Todd they caught the people that assaulted him. How did they know without Todd to identify them?

Todd's still banging on about his scar which is barely noticeable. He's back to work though he's not quite on his game yet. The shop, in the run up to Christmas, is not busy at all and she's struggling. Meanwhile she sees Carla giving out Christmas bonuses and having a spa day and she's getting more and more wound up, focussing all her anger and grief and blaming Carla for it all. Nothing anyone can say is going to help. Tony keeps trying to persuade her to deal with him and assures Liz he'll own that business in a matter of months. Liz isn't so sure he should go anywhere near Tracy given her reputation as very bad news indeed.

Michelle and Carla spent the day at a spa. Too bad "Phil" wasn't a gorgeous Italian like the first guy, the one Michelle had already put dibs on. Michelle promised not to talk about Steve and ended up moaning all about her problems all day. I still don't know why Michelle had to pay for all Tracy's wedding stuff up front rather than Tracy or Rob themselves. Anyway. So much for making Carla feel better. Michelle considers leaving town. Sadly, Carla talked her out of it because she knows darn well you can't run away.

We get an update on Peter. He's got a job in a bookies, got a flat and is still sober. Tracy isn't happy. Everyone else is getting their life together. But blames Carla for preventing her from doing the same no matter that her father points out she's got to pull her own socks up. Tracy, meanwhile, pretends to Ken that she's going to forget the vendetta against Carla. That lasted oh, 5 minutes. But at least Beth cheered her up for a little while or tried to but asking a jilted bride to be her maid of honour was probably not her brightest move. Seems Rob has confessed so will only be sentenced, no trial. The vendetta is back on again. She came across Rob's old factory keys and decided to wreck the place. Tracy's idea of rampages is just throwing stuff around and breaking a few breakables. True vendetta would have been sabotaging the sewing machines! She should have taken lessons from Becky and the sledgehammer.

Confrontation. But I think Carla's a lot tougher than Tracy is. And a bit more empathetic. I think maybe she made Tracy see that she was just as affected by everything that happened and Tracy has to move on. I think both women came to understand each other a bit better. In the pub later, it looked like they'd made peace, Tracy a bit sullen but not quite the look of shooting daggers like she might have done before the talk, seeing how gracious Carla was about it in front of everyone to save face for her.

Then Carla turned around and paid off Tracy's debts which got Michelle out of a tight spot. She did it for Michelle, not for Tracy, really. but Tracy's reaction was the icing on the cake. Miracles do happen, though, and pigs fly because Tracy actually thanked Carla! I'm not sure Carla believes Tracy was sincere and she looked like she was waiting for the other window to be broken or something. Fair enough considering it's Tracy. She did seem genuine this time.

Sally's having to train Alya and realizes that she's probably training Alya to take over her own job. Um. that's probably what manager trainee means. Sally's more of a supervisor though she has always had airs above her station. She was so funny when trying to woo that client and Alya was selling circles around Sally who kept trying to sabotage her. Didn't work. Alya did her homework on the client's company and that impressed.

Alya is trying to find a way to spend more time with Gary that doesn't involve cold ginnels and shadowy corners of the Red Rec but when she asks Leanne if they can use the flat, Leanne is adamant. Just tell your father the truth! But Alya isn't ready for that yet. Meanwhile Gary is in a great mood all the time. A sure sign that he's in lurve! Because they can't find somewhere to go, Alya brings Gary into the factory but they got interrupted when Tracy went on a rampage. Alya hadn't reset the alarm after she let Gary in! They escaped out the back, the shipping entrance I suppose, and she's still holding Gary off at arms' length and not willing to tell her family about them.

Katy has registered to do her A-levels. You may remember she didn't finish school because she decided to have a baby. I'm glad they're showing that she needs to finish her upper courses (A levels are kind of like university prep or a prep for further training like this sort of thing) before getting into the paramedic course. The cute paramedic didn't pan out as a boyfriend. And seeing an accident in the gym just made her go all weak in the knees. Sounds like her paramedic ambitions are off the table.

Steve is going to be laying out some serious change to fix up the car. It needs a new engine, paint job and upholstery to the tune of 7 thousand pounds. Lloyd thinks he's wasting his money and anyway, where's he going to get that kind of cash? Steve insists he's good for it but looks worried.

Tim has another reading lesson and struggles with the varieties of pronouncing very similarly spelled words (flour, four) and takes Sally's encouragement as patronizing him (it is, a bit but she means well!) The end up snapping at each other. I'm glad they haven't dropped the storyline altogether though I reckon we won't really hear a lot about it and less and less as it goes on.

Little Jack has painted the sofa in permanent black marker so Kevin needs to get a new one. He won't toss a throw or blanket over it. Why not? Because you wouldn't get a storyline otherwise. He got a sofa that an Underworld client wanted rid of. I can see why. It looks like Mick Jagger's lips. Of course they couldn't get it through the door trying to put it in straight on. If they'd upended it they could have angled it around the door. Never mind.

It was one chuckle after another with the three men sitting on it in front of the house contemplating. Tim reckons they could get it into his place and trades their sofa for the monstrosity, behind Sally's back! Taking your life in your hands there, mate. Sally hated it of course. Until she found out it was a designer brand. That's a different story. Now she's in her snob heaven! and fussing over the sofa and everyone that sits on it! I love snobby Sally!

Laughed at Sally and Tim bickering over what to have for tea and then the whole sofa thing was great! Laughed at Kevin's face when Tim told him the story, including how grateful Sally was! But for once, he didn't look like a sad puppy at the thought of Sally being happy with someone else. Maybe he really has accepted it's over? And meeting the former sofa owner was a perk. Now what's Kevin going to do? She wants the sofa back, but Sally will never let it go, not without a fight and Kevin has lied to the woman about the sofa's whereabouts. Kevin has an attractive woman who's going through a divorce. Can we say "Rebound"?

And naturally, Tim and Sally end up at the same table in the Bistro as Kevin and Diane and the men are doing a tap dance trying to keep Sally off the scent of the sofa.

Windasses are going to get a stairlift put in for Izzy. That's another question I had answered. Wonderful stuff with that running gag about the tarantulas in the bananas, watching how the rumours and story grew and expanded! Sofa-gate was great stuff. This is the kind of Corrie we love!

Sean's feeling very down and out. He's tired of being single and wishes he could find someone to kiss under the misteltoe. Izzy advises him he needs to get out there instead of staying at home. True enough. So he and Sinead go out dancing and lo and behold, Sean meets a new fella! Billy seems nice doesn't he!? And he likes Sean! I think we have a winner, folks!

I really like how Jason and Sean are so matey with each other, just like *real* brothers should be! Yasmeen is making Sharif be Santa at the community centre. I don't think he's going to be able to talk his way out of it either! Not sure why Yas would want to buy Number 6 though. From what we saw of their house it's much nicer.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently it's costing millions to travel from Yasmeen's house to Coronation Street, so they will be saving so much money. They do not strike me as Street dwellers though, and I am unsure why the writers have them moving there... Audrey is comparable in wealth, and she does not live on the street.

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