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Sunday Comments Dec. 21

We're back to Kylie and the drugs after a few weeks off. She's fidgety, she's tense, she's hiding the gear in a compact mirror. She tells Callum over the phone she doesn't want anything but ends up at the Dog and Gun anyway even though she's supposed to be with her family at the community centre for a Santa visit and family photo. Cue Gail going all bitchy about Kylie and David getting worried. Finally, he's figured out she lied about an client and corners Eva who clearly knows more than she's telling.

Eva takes him to the Dog and Gun and timing is everything. He comes in just as Kylie's getting drugs from Macca. David lets rip into her in the ladies' where she went to take it and Kylie figures it's too late to fight. It might have helped her at first, but she's getting dependent and the negative effects are making her worse than she was before and she knows it but seems helpless to fight it even though she's making an effort in order to keep her marraige.

Eva's being a good friend even if it might seem like she's taking David's side. Kylie may come to realize it eventually. Kylie came clean. Maybe if she'd told him about her drug past years ago, he would have understood from the start. It's doing David's head in. Now Kylie's going to make an extra-hard effort but is it too late? She's lost David's trust and she might not get it back.

Luke had a place to live, I thought. I must have missed him telling folk he was losing it because the next thing we know, he was talking about a posh flat and now he's moving in with Tyrone while Fiz is away. Well, that's handy innit? He and Maria are starting to get together, slowly for now. Given Maria's history, I hope Luke isn't going to turn out to be a wrong'un like most of the others. So far, he's keen. She's not so sure. Audrey's right, Maria's confidence has been battered and she's looking for ways not to be happy. This new couple are a lot more tentative than Dev and Julie.

Julie is a nervous wreck. It might not be the first proper date, which they had last week, but last week's date was kind of impromptu. This one is more formal and she's full of butterflies. Dating a man you really fancy can be awfully hard on the nerves.

Sean is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, after meeting Billy last night but he's keeping quiet about the reason other than to tell Eileen he met someone. He's not giving out too many details though. Not yet. But later, Billy shows up at the Rovers with Emily and surprise! Sean is behind the bar! Sean must have called as promised because they went on a date, with both of them nervous but Sean was shaking! Yasmeen didn't really help matters. Her advice started off ok, but then I think she had Sean about to discuss world peace and he wobbled away. It went well, though and Billy seems really nice.

The community centre has people coming and going all day. Sharif doesn't make a very patient Santa and Alya has been roped into being his elf. Gary and Izzy have brought Jake which makes things uncomfortable there and Katy has got the wrong end of the stick and thinks Gary and Izzy are going to get back together, which she tells Alya. Izzy's kind of acting like she thinks it could happen as well. Now Alya's worried and sick of hiding. It was she that was holding back and now, out of insecurity i suppose, she's ready to "come out". So it came out all right and now Owen and Katy and Izzy are all against Gary for it. Even Anna thinks Gary's gone about it all the wrong way.

Meanwhile, Zeedan is not having a good day. It's his mother's birthday and he just wants to be alone. Tony makes him work for triple pay on an emergency, citing that if he doesn't he loses his job altogether. Nice. Maria gets bumped by a rowdy child while she's putting on mascara before her photo shoot with Liam so Luke takes her to A&E. Sally isn't happy with Tim's expression and tries to blag her way into a free retake. No dice.

Zeedan worked all day and Kal is getting punchy with Tony. He's implying that he's harder than Tony thinks. I'm not so sure it would be a fair fight. Kal might have been in the army but Tony's street tough. I kind of feel like i'm on Zeedan's side on this. Maybe Tony's using him but Kal isn't helping matters by shouting the odds all the time. If Kal thinks Tony's doing something underhanded, he can call trading standards. Or talk to Jason. Jason is the true owner isn't he?

Awww, i like seeing the softer side of Yasmeen when she was talking to Zeedan about his mother and talking to Alya about love. Which gives Alya the idea that if she comes clean about Gary it'll be ok. But you knew it wouldn't go to plan. An empty house, shirt off because oh look, gravy spilled! and an interruption, surprises never go over well and Kal ended up knocking six bells out of Gary for daring to date his daughter. He's turning into quite the thug these days isn't he? The fight, naturally, spills out into the street so that the neighbours can listen in.

Yas really wants that house, doesn't she! But hey, that was quite nasty of Sally to put down Anna right in front of her. Since almost nobody is allowed to live anywhere but on the Street or in the neighbourhood at least, the Nazirs buy Number 6 for a song and are going to move in...move in under a public fight. Good start! It doesn't matter that Kal has been seeing a non-Muslim and Leanne has only been on shaky ground with his family. Leanne's words to the family only calmed them down. They're still dead against and you can see that Gary, to them, really doesn't look like that much of a catch.

Diane comes round to see Kevin but as he's taking Jack to see Santa, she hangs around and later finds out from Owen that Sally is the one that has the sofa. There will be hell to pay. Kevin continues to lie until she calls him on it. Calls all of them on it, and tells them all in no uncertain terms. By rights, yes, it's not Diane's sofa. Her husband sold it. She shouldn't get it back and a solicitor would tell her so but she's also right, they all lied to her. I do hope she's going to pay Kevin back that hundred pounds he paid her husband for it, but i doubt it. She got her sofa back and Sally has beach chairs set up instead. Temporarily, of course!

Tim is still freaking out about the auction. He's been practicing but still isn't up to snuff. And I am really loving Tim and Kevin's friendship! It's making the two of them and Sally a rather odd triple act but i think it works!

I can't wait for this wedding! Beth and Sinead are doing all the hard work and Kirk just sails through it all, oblivious like he does with life in general. Sinead is going to make Beth a basque and she's going to be dolled up like 80s Madonna. Dog's dinner (mess) or Dog's Bollocks (awesome)? Chesney's going to be the Best Man. But Kirk has to make a speech as well and that's going to be a problem.

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