Monday, 30 May 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for May 22 - 26

Selfie Stars!

Odd couple award: Craig and Bethany having a dating advice chat in the cafe. Unexpected, but the poor lass hasn't got any friends and Chesney is going to need one with Caitlyn flying the coop to Scotland.

A Lid on a Scream award: Carla really wasn't looking forward to the girly spa afternoon but couldn't get out of it.

Midnight Sun award: The hens partied. They were hours at the police station. The stags gathered, presumably after work and later had to go rescue the women. After all of that, the sun was still up. Did they start at 10 a.m. or something?

Mean Boys: Jason took all his rage and grief out against Eileen.

Reminiscing award: Tony was afraid of spiders!

Style fail: Gemma.

Delusional award: Gail went from disapproval of Carla to considering them close, personal friends, probably to keep her baby boy happy more than anything else.

Voice of Reason Award: I never thought I'd see myself give this award to David Platt.

Cheesy Lyrics award: Seriously, Sally? An emergency of the heart? I think she's been listening to too many 80s ballads!

Lines of the week:
Johnny to Aidan "I can see through you like a window"
Sally "How can puppets be gay?" (Bert and Ernie, that is)
Aidan "What kind of emergency?" Sally "The most serious kind. An emergency of the heart"
Gail "One minute you're alive and kicking and next you're in a hole in the ground" (eek!)
Sean "That's my tummy rumbling. D'you think there'll be sandwiches at the pub?" Eva "Probably not, you might put your foot in your mouth instead"
Carla "Being different isn't so bad, is it?"
Phelan "It's not about falling down. It's about whether you get back up" (true, dat)
Audrey "I think Carla's well aware of what kind of family we are" Bethany "Yeah, and she's marrying him anyway"
Gail "I'll have a disco nap. Never had one of those"
Roy "I will master this skill. And I *will* enjoy it" (you keep telling yourself that, luv)
Sally about Jenny "She's a cleaner, Sean, what's she meant to do? Govern the country?" (She'd be better at it than you, I suspect)
Kylie to Cathy about their outfits "We've been told to wear black. Don't ask" Cathy "It's not a death sentence, marrying your son?" Gail *death stare*
Roy "I don't wish to be the sort of person that talks to inanimate objects"
Robert to Tracy "That's what I love about you, you're overflowing with the milk of human kindness"
Sally "When you drink from the well, remember who dug it in the first place!"

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