Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Top 5 types of Coronation Street fans - which one are you?

Top 5 types of Coronation Street fans - which one are you? What kind of Coronation Street fan are you?

Have you been watching for decades or have you just popped in to watch the show because there was nothing on the other side?  Whichever kind of fan you are, can you recognise yourself in my five stereotypes listed below? Please feel free to suggest more in the comments section below.

1. The gatekeepers

These are the fans who hang around at the entry gates at ITV with a notebook in one hand and a camera in the other. These are the autograph hunters, the picture takers, hoping for a wave and smile from members of the cast as they arrive for work or leave after they've done their shift. 

2. The partners

These are the men (or women) who have no choice but to watch Coronation Street because their other half watch it. The partners are fans who pretend they don't like Coronation Street, but secretly enjoy it and know much more about it than they'd ever let on. They receive t-shirts like this for Christmas from their Corrie-watching partners, but never, ever wear them. At least not in public.

3. The non-watchers
These are the people who under no circumstances will ever, ever claim to watch Coronation Street. They say they are loyal to other shows, other soaps.  Yet, just as with the partners listed above, they somehow mysteriously always seem to know what's going in Coronation Street.

4. The anoraks
Ah yes, the Coronation Street anorak. It's an, er, fan category I'm more than a little familiar with. I wear my Corrie anorak with pride although sometimes it does suffocate and I have to take it off. These are the fans who think(*) they know everything there is to know about Corrie (*they don't).  These are the fans who've been watching Corrie since the days of Ena Sharples or have caught up on it from then via the wonders of YouTube and DVD.  These are the fans who set up Coronation Street Blogs. I think you know what I'm saying.

5.  The 1975-ers
These are the people who, when you tell them that you're a Coronation Street fan, will come out: "Eee.. I haven't watched that since 1975!".  So you sit down to watch a current episode with them and they come out with all sorts of nonsense such as: "Is Hilda Ogden still in it?", "Where's Bet Lynch gone?" and other such rubbish.

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kib said...

I guess I'm a 4 although I've been known to hang around the old studios with a camera but in the excitement I don't think I ever got a picture. My husband proudly wears his 'Real Men Watch Coronation Street' baseball cap all the time as he's the one that got me addicted. I believe he has the same quote on a T-Shirt as well but a different one than shown. We both have been known to wear anoraks. My brother is the one to say "Is Bet Lynch still on?".

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