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5 ways Nasty Nathan could leave Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog May 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

We know that the grooming of Bethany storyline will come to an end eventually as evil Nathan is leaving Coronation Street. The actor who plays him, Chris Harper, has said so. (and he's a villain, they always have their comeuppance)

But how will he go? Indeed, how should he go?  It's something I've been giving a bit of thought to and I list for your delectation below, the top 5 ways I'd like to see Nasty Nathan leave Coronation Street.

1. Pat Phelan kills him

Pat's got form, leaving Michael Rodwell to die. And what did happen to Andy, will we ever find out?  He may not be a cold-blooded killer, but we know his heart is definitely not in the right place. I reckon Phelan could crush Nathan behind the bins up the ginnel. But why would Phelan and Nathan's paths cross? That's a tricky one and so it probably won't be Phelan who sees him off. Let's examine theory number 2...

2. Sarah Platt kills him

Sarah was an accomplice in Callum's murder when Kylie bashed him with the wrench. She knows how to kill a man, she's seen it done in her own living room.  I reckon Sarah will be horrified enough to want to kill off Nathan when she finds out what he's been doing to Bethany.  And Gary will give her a hand, using his army training to knock Nathan out cold before they stick him under Gail's garage floor.

3. Mel dobs him to the cops

There's a lot more going on in Mel's life than we know about. She and Nathan have history and she's scared, but won't help Bethany, even though she knows what Nathan's doing is wrong. I reckon she might just be the one to dob Nathan into the cops when his treatment of Bethany gets out of hand.

4.  Shona dobs him to the cops

How does Shona know Nathan and what's their past history? We don't yet know. Could Nathan be the father to Shona's son, killer Clayton?  I'm not sure about this, but there's definitely something in their shared past that links Shona and Nathan.  She could be the one who goes to the cops and dobs him in, if Mel doesn't.  Maybe Shona finds out about Bethany via her links with David and the Platts?

5.  Craig arrests him

And finally, could PC Tinker's first arrest be that of Nathan Curtis? He's good friends with Bethany so perhaps she opens up to Craig about what's been going on. Incensed, he goes after Nathan, nicks him and calls his police training person to tell him what he's done?  All speculation, of course.

How do you think Nathan will leave Coronation Street - and how would you like to see him go?

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