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Sunday Comments May 14

Adam's in the interrogation room. We didn't hear what his reply was when the cops told him about the fingerprint evidence because I don't buy it and I've already said why. Peter is shocked and a bit worried Adam really did do it. He also got a solicitor over the Chloe business and he had to admit there was a kiss and he probably did lead her on a bit.

Peter told Ken about Adam's arrest. He still doesn't remember what happened. Ken is upset about Adam's arrest and seems to blame himself. I guess that's about his treatement of Adam which led to Adam supposedly attacking him. He's made up with Daniel who had to tell him that Sinead "lost" the baby, a lie of course, the miscarriage. Naturally, Ken now hopes Daniel could go to Oxford. Then he's got to make up with Tracy. There was awkward small talk at first. He's starting to doubt if Adam is indeed guilty. Trying to ask him not to tellt he police about the money he gave Amy alarmed him, too, thinking that they are possibly looking at Amy for some reason.

Nathan has successfully drawn Bethany away from school but he's not going to be able to talk Sarah round because Sarah, rightly so, doesn't trust him. He's going to try anyway by lying that he's encouraging Bethany to go to school. He says all the right things and she softens a bit but still insists she's the mother and needs to keep a close eye on her teenage daughter. He then twists everything for Bethany's sake and now she's going to move in with him and Sarah is livid.

Sarah's beside herself, worrying about Bethany especially now she's moved out and in with Nathan. She and Gary are going to go see her at the salon to see if they can persuade her that Nathan is maniuplating her. Gary promises not to get violent even though he'd like to. That virtually guarantees the worst outcome, doesn't it? Meanwhile, Nathan has his mate Neil there for a quiet party and sends Mel and Bethany into the salon downstairs while he and Neil have a chat about another woman that is causing them trouble over in Newcastle. Sounds like Neil is in the same sleazy business as Nathan.

But when Sarah and Gary finally arrive, there's a huge shouting match while Neil waves a red rag in front of the ginger bull by insinuating that having a mother and a daughter is a man's fantasy. He gets the reaction he wants when Gary pops him in the face. He knows darn well it's only going to alienate Bethany even more. Result! But it ends up with Gary in Sarah's bad books, too, unfortunately.

Later at Nathan's "party", Bethany was upset and Nathan and Mel worked on her to convince her that Gary is dangerous and Sarah would insist she never see Nathan again if she went back. Sarah's uncommunicative and Bethany feels a bit bereft but Nathan is jubilant that things are working out so well and is going to send Bethany to the next stage. Mel doesn't look too happy about that.

His next trick is to pretend he's having financial difficulties and he engineered a guy to take some stuff from the flat and pretended that Bethany let that guy come in and steal the stuff which actually belonged to his mate Neal. She even suggested he take the laptop, silly girl. Nathan tore a strip off her for "letting" the guy rob him. That's the trick. Make her feel guilty then give her a way to make it up to him. I.E. have a drink with the man that apparently owns it, Neil, that's the guy that wants her in the bedroom you may recall.

Kind of interesting that Bethany seemed to recoil a bit from the look of her feet in stillettos. Did it suddenly feel wrong to her? Sarah's still determined to find a way to get Bethany home, as she said to David, find something to give her a reason to come home so she thinks the flat next to the community centre would make a nice home for she, Gary, Bethany and Harry. But Bethany saw their interest with the estate agent as moving on without her. Mary took her into the shop to sooth her rattled nerves. Mary honed right in on it, wondering if a man has hurt Bethany. She's more right than she knows but at that point, it was all about the row with her mum. Mary did try to get her to go to her mother but it wasn't happening. She was out the door and on the bus and over to the bar, glammed up, to meet Neil. Oh dear.

Rob looks ready to leave. I think he thought Tracy was going to call the cops about him but she didn't. Looks like she's still got some buried feelings there for him. Especially when she finds out the full story. He fell out with a gang and crossed them and he was being moved to another location for protection when the crash happened. He thinks the crash was caused by that gang. Now, is he spinning a story or is it the truth? He certainly *seems* to regret killing Tina unless he's trying to work on her sympathy but if that was the the motivation, it backfired on him. She doesn't want to go back to prison and needs to protect Amy.

Later she told Amy about Adam's arrest and she admitted that she called the police. She still wouldn't admit that she'd been in contact with Adam. Rob is still hiding out in the gym while Tracy seems to be on eggshells around Amy, still upset that she called the police on Adam but Amy has developed a hate for her grandfather for how he's been treating her mother. Adam, having had an uncomfortable night in the jail, decides to tell all and does, telling the police all about his arrangements with Amy and how Tracy doesn't have the alibi she said she did. The police don't really believe him but they decide to go talk to Amy and Tracy anyway.

Tracy is still looking after Rob in the gym. He's apologetic for all the grief he's laid at her feet, before and now and is making plans to do a runner. He has to get to the Peak District to meet a friend who will help get him to Scotland and then out of the country where he'll have to disappear and live under the radar.

When the police talk to Amy, she denies everything Adam told them but looks rattled when they say they will be looking at her phone records. Tracy makes them leave but later, snooping in Amy's dressing table, she picks up the teddy bear and discovers the cash and it really shakes her up. So much so that she goes back to the gym and she and Rob end up in a proper snog and more. What's Tracy going to do now? She wants Rob, she's worried about her father who won't speak to her. She's all over the map. Maybe it was Adam but maybe it wasn't and she thinks Amy might have been the assailant.

The police get permission to keep Adam in prison a bit longer. He didn't expect that so he's trying hard to drop Tracy in it. The police are starting to back off Adam, though, and they're starting to look Tracy's way.

But Rob is still concerned with what he needs to get himself out of there and it comes across a bit like he's being insensitive. Tracy gets Rob a phone and she's going to book something in the Peaks for when he has to be there and she's suggesting that she and Amy run away with him. Oh dear. Not so sure Rob is amenable to taking them with him. Being on the run isn't going to work out with a kid along.

Tracy thinks that she and Rob should go out for a drink. All she brought was a hat. Even if the police think it's possible he could be dead, wouldn't there still be alerts all over the media anyway? At least about his death or they would have contacted Carla as his next of kin and surely she'd have called Michelle. Big plot hole there. Tracy seems to be leaning towards leaving Amy behind but Rob won't have it. She wants Rob more than she wants her kid? Typical Tracy.

So Rob confirms the details with his mate Tiggsy and then has a bit of a wobble at the site below the builder's yard where he killed Tina. He even had the gall to leave a flower. That's rich. Tracy has the car, ready to put the wheels of the plan in motion (see what I did there?) She's got Amy's paperwork, I don't know why, though, if she was intending to leave her home. Rob really doesn't like her leaving her daughter but Tracy reckons if she runs off, the police will not think Amy did it.

Freddie's getting ready to go but really wants to make peace with Rita so he apologized, gave her the whole hundred quid and sourced an old publicity poster of her! In the end, he couldn't face the goodbye party but said goodbye to Max and Lily and left a message for Audrey.

There's a new storyline for Billy and Todd when an old friend of Billy's shows up as a surprise. Only it turns out it's not just an old friend, it's Billy's ex and Todd is not very happy to hear about that, or to hear about Drew's daughter Summer who is Billy's goddaughter since Billy has told him none of this. He's further disconcerted to find out Drew and Summer are moving to Weatherfield but Drew came to talk to Todd, just to clear the air. Doesn't sound like he's in any way threatening but Todd is on alert. Drew was also asking some very interesting and possibly telling questions about whether Billy and Todd ever thought about having kids. Why is that, I wonder? Is he going to drop his daughter on Billy? Todd certainly thinks he's fishing for information but he thinks Drew is trying to split them up and doesn't trust Drew. But his mistrust is going to push Billy away if he's not careful. He may be right. There's definitely something on Drew's mind and Todd overheard him saying some pretty damning things on the phone.

Kate had a word with Jenny but Jenny asked Kate to be her bridesmaid. Steve got served divorce papers. Why do they even have to be "served", why can't they just be delivered by registered post?

There seems to be some good natured rivalry between Dev and Aidan that came up out of nowhere. Good thing there's a pub quiz to help channel that competitiveness! Brian is all for the quiz, too as is Kirk. Dev is lining up his staff as his quiz team. He ran some test questions, one of which was about Kennedy's assassination and Gemma thought that wasn't fair because Dallas hasn't been on telly for ages and most people didn't watch it anyway! Ha! Dev has got the fire of competition burning in his belly. This means war!

Naturally, Dev is upset when a non-Underworld player, Brian gets on the Underworld team. I suppose he reckons having an ex-teacher is kind of like stacking the deck so he pulled Billy in for his team. The third team competing consists of Tim, Sally, Kevin and Rosie. Forget Underworld, I think we have Underdogs here but Todd joined them at the last minute. That might help a little. We didn't see the actual quiz, just jumped right to the calling of the winners. There's a tie between the Dev Star and All Sewn Up. Tie breaker it is, then. (I wish we'd got to see more of the actual quiz, though. that would have been a laugh) Cathy vs Brian. The question was about the year Shakespeare died and Cathy guessed something a good century late. Brian, a former teacher, guessed the year after the one she guessed and I guessed he threw the competition and so did Cathy. Dev gets to gloat and he wins his bet with Aidan. Cathy and Brian nearly kissed but Gemma's timing as always, was rubbish.

Meanwhile, that Leah came to see Sophie and Rosie to find out if Sally's ok and to repeat that her step mum supposedly has promised to lay off but she was having a good look around at the house and the area, too. Mainly curious, I think. Even Rosie thought it was weird that Leah took the time out to come and see them and she was suspicious of Leah nosing at the house, too. I did chuckle at her musing about the terminology to do with overalls, plural. Classic Rosie.

Sally's still a bit nervy out in public. No wonder! She's even having trouble getting down the road to work. She needs to talk to the doctor, I think. It's very worrying for the girls though it felt a bit selfish of Sophie to be whining about her love life. Should she even be making dates while she knows her mother needs her? Rosie took matters into her own hands. She went back to Leah's and discovered Leah's step mother is a familiar face. It's Sally's sister Gina!

Toyah is still upset that Peter kissed Chloe and only seems to half believe him when he promises it was nothing more than that. She really gets upset when it's clear the IVF is not a priority for him like it is for her. When he asks her if they can put the embryos on ice, literally, until after his legal troubles with Chloe are over, she's beside herself. She says yes but does she mean it? She was being a bit cagey with Leanne later on. Turns out she decided to have the implants without telling Peter anyway. She just couldn't wait.

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