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Sunday Comments May 21

Bethany tried to apologize to Neal about the "theft" but he brushed it off, knowing of course that Nathan set it all up. The evening at the bar seemed to go ok but afterwards, it was back to the flat for a get together with some mates. Bethany thinks her job is done but Nathan insists she stay with Neal and keep him sweet. But when Neal wants to take her into the bedroom, Nathan didn't stop them.

Mary told Sarah that Bethany had been in the shop and tried to be a bit of a peacemaker. Norris thinks Bethany needs space to return. Mary gave Norris a talking to and she was right. Norris at least had the grace to more or less apologize to Sarah. Sarah can't get hold of Bethany and that's because Bethany is in the bedroom with Neal getting the countdown. Oh Bethany. Just say No but she won't because she doesn't want to lose Nathan and it looks like he approves. He does. She's not mature enough and is now officially in over her head with no clue how to deal with the situation.

Bethany is an emotional wreck the day after that party where Nathan allowed his mate Neal to have his way with her and she's not mature enough to realize what he's doing, is she? How could he do that if he says he loves her? He says it means nothing to him because it means nothing to her. She tried reaching out to her mother but that didn't work. You can tell sarah could see Bethany was not happy and it was killing her yet does she do anything? Does she heck. And why hasn't she told all the family about not trusting Nathan either? Bethany really wants her mother to push her now, but now Sarah really doesn't want to in case it pushes her away, and Bethany can't tell her. Again, Mary seems to be the objective party and maybe Mary will have a part in saving her in the end. Mary's radar is definitely sending alarm signals.

Bethany looked very much trapped once he got her back to the flat. Nathan manipulated and worked his "magic" on her. He needs to keep her away from friends and family. She already knows down deep he's a wrong'un I think but she can't admit it and he says all the right things to help her convince herself. Sweet things, alternating with criticism, (fake) vulnerability and downright contempt at her young age. Mel put in a word, too, making it sound like all men would be the same about infidelity and makes out that it turns Nathan on when other men desire his woman! She let out the secret that Nathan's going to propose to her, all set up by Nathan of course, a bit of a radical move, admittedly but he did actually go down on one knee and she was putty in his hands after that pretend vulnerable speech. There is the question on how much the ring costs. I would never ask!

Sarah was horrified to see that Bethany changed her status to "engaged". One thing is obvious finally, at least Audrey seems to know what's going on with Bethany and Nathan. I didn't think any of the family were all that aware of Nathan's real age and the circumstances. This was the first scene we've seen of her talking to anyone besides Gary about it all. Anyway, she headed over to the salon. It was awkward but she played it cool. Hardest thing she's ever had to do. The visit didn't seem to make either one of them happy. It took only a few minutes, then Neal comes in to the salon with another friend, who certainly gave her the once over. Oh no, not again!

Robert has sacked Steve from his cab delivery scheme saying he's unreliable. Coincidence that he's decided that after he's taken up with Michelle? I think not. Michelle might still be acting bitchy about Steve and the divorce but seeing him holding the baby was like a kick in the gut for her. After her spitefull delivery cancellation, though, I didn't quite feel as much sympathy for her as I should, I have to admit.

I didn't realize Michelle was still nominally rooming with Maria. I can't blame Maria for writing notes about things around the flat that she'd prefer Michelle do her way. Leaving the milk out is just plain wrong! All of Maria's requests were perfectly reasonable so why is Michelle acting so put upon? Because it's all about her. Contrived for Michelle to invite herself to move in with Robert. He managed not to look too trapped. She even managed to tell him she loves him and I don't believe that for a minute. She's on the rebound. Leanne said as much to Robert who defended himself and Michelle.

Gina was married to Leah's dad and has since divorced. Rosie is admant that Leah guarantee the trolling is over. But Leah seems to be harbouring a bit of anger towards Sally for not caring about Gina's mental illness, assuring Rosie that Sally knew about it. There's definitely resentment there. Does Gina have a mental illness? Did she reach out to Sally for help? I am not sure I believe her. I think Sally would be there to help her sister if she knew about it. Leah sounds believable but I guess we wait to find out. Sophie was shocked to hear it all and Rosie doesn't want Sally to find out.

Sophie and Rosie decide to talk to Leah again Except when they get there, they see Gina instead who recognizes them straight away. Inside, Gina's house is a right tip, curtains coming off rails, untidy, old grubby cheap furniture. Not a very pleasant place. But when Rosie confronts her about the trolling, she seems to be genuine in that she really has no idea. Turns out Gina is bipolar but Gina has only Leah's word for having done it all. Leah is very good at putting all the words in Gina's mouth and confusing her. I highly suspect Leah is a manipulator and is the one doing the trolling. I don't trust her a bit.

At least there's one thing. I would guess that the trolling will stop now because if it's Leah, she'll know the scrutiny is a bit too close. The girls decide not to tell Sally.

Todd overheard Drew say some unflattering things about him and he went straight to Billy to tell him. I think Billy might be a bit suspicious of Drew anyway, judging from a look on his face earlier. There was something Drew wants, that's one thing for sure but it wasn't what anyone was expecting. He's dying. Lung cancer and it's spreading fast. He needs a guardian for his 12 year adopted old daughter and asks Billy to think about it. That's a big ask and he knows it.

Todd has told Billy he really, really doesn't want to be a parent to Billy's goddaughter who's about to become an orphan for the second time. You'd think Drew would have sorted out guardianship legally years ago, especially when his former parter left. Billy had to break the bad news to Drew and he knew straight away it was to do with Todd. For all that Billy says he'd love to take her on, it sounds like he's had very little contact with the child all her life. Todd thinks it will probably mean they will split up but he was surprised when Billy told him he backed him.

Wait, I though Tracy wasn't bringing Amy? Now she is? I'm confused. She's taking her to a cottage in the Peak District. Well, Rob wouldn't let Tracy abandon her but he wasn't keen on her bringing her either. Maybe Tracy always planned to bring Amy and just didn't tell Rob. Yes, I'm sure that's it. She got Rob to get into the trunk so he didn't know Amy was coming until it was too late.

Tracy and Amy have got to the lovely stone cottage with Rob lurking in the attic like a spectre. Since Amy still doesn't know he's there, Tracy has to be cagey and Rob has to touch base with his mate Tiggsy to tell him about the other two escapees. Tiggsy isn't best pleased and the landlady catches Rob crawling through the window when he locked himself out. He managed to talk the landlady round.

Back in Weatherfield, Ken is still at Roy's and receiving company. Daniel keeps an eye out but Ken nearly backed through the wall when he saw Adam was released. Adam is very angry that Ken believes he attacked him. Ken just doesn't know what to believe. Now the police seem to be focussing on Tracy thanks to Adam's accusations. But nobody in Weatherfield knows where Tracy is. Steve discovers Amy's passport is gone so it sounds as if he normally has custody of it rather than Tracy where Amy lives most of the time. Steve goes to Ken to see if he can figure out what's going on.

Rob had a lucky escape as far as the Peak police but Tracy still hasn't told Amy the truth up to that point. When she tried to broach the subject, Amy had very definite ideas on her favourites of Tracy's men. I think murder has that effect on you. Tracy said he didn't mean to kill Tina but of course he did. Her fall off the balcony would have been the impulse but whacking her over the head with an iron bar definitely took a bit more thought and threatening Tiggsy isn't helping his image, either. But Rob's right, it really isn't safe for Tracy and Amy to go with him.

When Tracy doesn't show up by when Amy is supposed to be at school, everyone starts into worry mode. Adam found both Amy and Tracy's phones at Number 1 and the passports are missing. I'm surprised Steve is the custodian of Amy's passport since she lives full time at Tracy's but it doesn't really matter. It's not like they don't live more than a door away from each other after all. When Steve goes to the police, they seem very willing to brush off the disappearance but later, he and Liz saw an alert. Turns out the police are connecting the dots between Rob's escape (formerly assumed post-crash death but no body was found) and Tracy's disappearance and maybe Tracy wanted to get away because she's guilty of attacking her father! They're just jumping from one suspect to the next.

Amy's getting more and more bored but when Tracy saw the public announcement with her and Amy's photo, the tv didn't stay on very long. Karaoke it is, then. Steve's at home, frantic with worry. Michelle even came to see Steve and he admitted to her about Rob's involvement. Tracy is upset and it seems like she might believe Rob is going off without her, because he didn't come back from seeing Tiggsy the day before. She must have thought he was not coming back at all. It was just enough delay for her to holler at Amy who found a phone box and called home to let them know she was ok. Rob did come back, but refused to take her and Amy after he'd seen all the publicity on the news. It was just in time for Amy to return and see him.

Eva's already drooling over wedding dresses and then says that she and Aidan aren't even engaged yet. No wonder he's acting like he's facing the firing squad. He finally told her off and she's gone off in a strop. It's her own fault for pushing all this wedding chat on him when he hasn't made a proposal. Aidan questioned David about his relationship with Maria, clearly curious and David knew darn well he was jealous. Maria was rather pleased to hear that David thought Aidan was jealous, too. Meanwhile, Aidan was taking Eva on a business lunch until she annoyed him over the wedding dresses and she refused to come with him after that. But David stuck his nose in and put both Maria and Aidan on the spot and Maria ended up going to the network lunch with him and with Eva's blessing! Eva will regret that.

Turns out David's idea was for Maria to make Aidan look bad and that isn't such a distasteful idea so off she went, pretending to be Eva! She charmed them all and surprised them with the electronic tag. I laughed watching Aidan squirm. Maria was brilliant! She entertained the gay couple but the other two were distinctly unimpressed! Maria stormed out and that networking lunch must have gone on an awfully long time because she didn't think she'd get back before 7 when her tag would blow up or something. I don't know where they were because her phone showed an hour and 10 minutes so maybe they were out in a country pub.

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