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Which THREE Corrie characters would you get rid of?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

With Freddie's departure on Friday night last week from Coronation Street, I'm wondering which characters I'd actually like to see leave.  I'll miss Freddie and I liked him a lot, it's a real shame he's gone.

Instead of Freddie leaving, there are a few other characters I could do without and would like to see the back of. 

Here's my current top three characters I'd like to chop right now from the cobbles. I say it's my 'current' choice because my top three constantly change.  And so, in no particular order, for today anyway, here they are:

Sean Tully

He's hardly in the show any way any more so who'd miss him? Eileen's got a house full, Billy's moved on to life with Todd and there's little chance that Marcus will come for him any day soon.  Apart from a raised eyebrow behind the bar a la Bet Lynch, Sean's not done much in months. I'd like to see him leave with a new love and an open return.

Rana Nazir

There are some characters that I try to warm to. I really try. Sadly, for this Corrie fan, Rana Nazir isn't one of those. She's got lovely hair, though.

Maria Connor

Speaking of lovely hair, the lovely Maria wasn't missed much in our house when she was locked up in the big house for a few months.  Her friendship with David might just redeem her, so watch this space.

Which three characters would you get rid of, right now, if you had to?

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diannel04 said...

I agree about Shaun and Rana but I would get rid of Maria. All she ever does is steal other people's men, whine and basically act pathetic. I think Shaun is the only man on the street she hasn't slept with. I haven't liked her in years.

Anonymous said...

My three characters at the moment would be: Nathan(goes without saying), Michelle (I know she lost her baby but I have never liked her and really dislike her now) Toyah (absolutely hate what the writers have done to her character) she and Peter have zero chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please get rid of Maria. I do not see the point of Maria; she has been annoying for such along time, I struggle to find a redeeming feature. Her only value is as an additional anchor for Kirk, who is marvellous (and would love to see more of).

I love Shaun, and feel as if the writers have not done right by his character. Right now, he is living with Norris -- why the heck are we not seeing the hilarity of their lives together? It would be classic Corrie! Instead of trying to find live, he should settle in to life with Norris, and find more security and stability. Hate Eileen for just letting him go, but then again, I never did like Eileen much. Let Shaun rise to the occasion and support Eileen when everything hits the fan with Pat; perfect redemption.

I am soooo tired of mean Michelle, and without Steve, she seems aimless on Corrie, even in her attachments to the other Connors and to Robert. Steve makes her presence on the show believable; without him, she doesn't belong. An not enjoying her cruel streak.

Toyah needs to become Toyah again. And she and Peter make no sense together whatsoever. After seeing Tracy and Rob together, I really miss Rob -- and it really drives home the point of how Toyah and Peter do not work together. Unless Toyah clicks soon, she should go.

Rana has potential; she and Zeedan have a lot of potential as a couple, as does Yasmeen. But Alya has no role, no purpose, and is annoying. She should leave for design opportunities elsewhere.

So, my list of who should go is: Maria and Alya, with strong thought being giving to Toyah.

kib said...

I know a lot of you like Erika but I've never warmed to her and have never enjoyed any of her storylines. The thing between the twins was the best and it wasn't that good.
I guess some of the complaints about Maria and Michelle could also be said of Eileen. I wouldn't get rid of her though. I hope they can give us the old Toyah back.
I like Peter, he's flawed but redeemable. People do live happily ever after with alcoholism through support groups so I'd like to see Peter continue on that path.
I guess if I had to wield an axe it would come down to Alya.

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