Monday, 28 April 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for April 21 - 25

Smarmy Git award: That new Clive fella on the building site.

Rock and a hard place award: Marcus isn't supposed to have anything to do with Liam but there was nobody else to pick him up.

Fashion no way! Michelle had her bra strap hanging down her arm. Ew.

Master maniplator award: Phelan's indecent proposal. why did Anna even entertain the idea? For Gary, that's why.

Bleeding Heart award: Sophie is determined to cling to Maddie even if it means sleeping on the streets. Surely she's not that desperate to be in love?

Fallout award: Steve and Andrea. Now where would this be leading?

Lines of the Week:
Carla "I always had me old mate Merlot riding shotgun"
Eva "I know when someone's starin' at me, I've had years of practice"
Todd "I can't help it if I'm damaged"
Eileen "What's it like on cloud cuckoo land Julie. I really must go there on me holidays"
Gary "You should have made sure Phelan was *in* the mill before setting fire to it"
Liz to Steve "You could do with some nuts" (for bar snacks, you lot!)
Owen to Anna "What you've done for this family...." (You'll never know. Or maybe you will)

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