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Sunday Comments April 27

Owen really is near the end of his rope with temper fraying fast and Anna's right to be concerned. It seems like a situation unlike anything he's ever experienced before. Owen and Gary are working all hours but promising to go to Faye's play. Not if Phelan has anything to do about it and he's pulling rank, hiring a new foreman over Owen's head and doesn't this Clive look like a smarmy git? Owen has a plan to scupper that site, you can tell by the way he eyed Clive's cigarette butt. Except there seems to be flammable liquid at hand and he's about to set it alight. Lucky job Anna found him in time. the smell of gas/petrol must have been very strong. She's right, it would have played right into Phelan's hands.

I can understand Anna's actions, going to find Owen but Gary running out on the play seemed spiteful even if he was just worried. He's still quite immature when you really think about it. Can't settle, doesn't think before he acts, etc. Now Gary's post traumatic stress is kicking back in again. He looked on edge, didn't he? Mikey North is excellent. I'm glad they don't forget about things like this altogether. And i would not be surprised to see Owen having a heart attack. I don't know why Anna keeps thinking Valerie is going to be any help. And i really don't know why she thought talking to Owen on her own would help and look where it got her? He decided to let Gary and Owen off the hook if Anna spends a few hours with him, that classic indecent proposal.

Oh 'eck. Wasn't that scene creepy with him playing with the food? "maleable" and all that... Gary is falling apart again so that's what did it. That's what pushed Anna over the line to accept Phelan's offer. Phelan even rubbed it in Owen's face without telling him the truth about who he was meeting. And meet him she did. Desperate times. And i fyou thought Anna wouldn't go through with it, you'd be wrong. She did and he still didn't give her the contract.

Tina thinks she wants to make Peter's life hell and wipe the smile off his face. It's not just that, but if it does kick off, the whole neighoburhood will be in an uproar. Meanwhile, Peter is feeling those drinks the other day and is right back into the cravings and Michelle is still giving Steve the silent treatment. Ooh haven't we seen that creepy client before? Tina's told Steph she's been having an affair but she's not letting Rita in on the secret.

Meanwhile, Peter's still pretty shaky. He's meeting another client. In the pub. And Tina's determined to woo him back. It can only end in tears. Possibly Peter's. Seems he's still hiding bottles in the high places.

Maria is really in a difficult spot and she's also concerned for her little fella. That's nice to see, at least. We all knew this would end in tears. It's a rare thing if someone can really get past their natural instincts. But with Marcus lurking about, it's hard for Maria to get over him. Now he's had to rescue Liam without Maria's permission but really didn't have a choice. Maria went spare! Marcus really does feel like a pariah. Todd is still in it for himself but Marcus has decided to leave for a few weeks. I imagine Todd will do whatever he can to make Marcus stay.

Maria is starting to feel paranoid, thinking everyone is laughing about her. She'll be quite happen to see Marcus head to London. Oh i really wanted Kirk ot smack Todd to the ground but as it was, he did shake up Todd some. I bet he won't take on Kirk or Maria again like that. Maria is still blanking Fiz and Tyrone has been informed that Kirsty is out of prison, putting the cold finger of fear in his and Fiz's heart.

Beth's idea for self improvement is a boob job. I guess that crack about spaniel's ears cut deep. They'll probably managed to talk her out of it in the end. Kirk is so sweet and even sensible. It does send out the wrong message. Now there's a little bit of news. Dennis has been trying to call Rita and she's not been taking the calls. Soap laws say that means he's not gone for good.

Looks like a Social Worker tracked down Maddie. She already had accommodation, just a room, and it turns out she's been lying about her age. She's not 18 yet! More and more, I really hate this storyline though I do like the character Maddie. the actress is great. Now Sophie and Maddie are both out the door and I don't blame Sally for taking a stand. But yep, Sophie is a legal adult and they can't force her home.

Now at the shelter, Sophie is so out of her element and now we can see why Maddie didn't want to stay at the shelter. There are lads that are practically stalking her and extorting money out of her. Maddie refuses to tell tales, such is street life I guess. She's decided to chuck her "safe" room and is on the streets now and Sophie can't persuade her to change her mind so she's staying with her. God, will this ever end?

Oh looky there, Steve and Andrea's nightschool plot is back again. It's not been mentioned for ages, thought they were done with it. Now it pops back up so it must be for a reason. They are bickering when Steve accused her of continuing to fancy him. She says she doesn't but I wonder. Steve now has to do all the course work himself and tells everyone he's knackered. Andrea is lacking sleep too. That's going to be the plot device and who couldn't see it comming! She fell asleep, thought he was Lloyd when she woke up and they were caught by all the significant others involved. Cue misunderstanding. Steve ended up with egg on his face, or in this case, kebab sauce.

Steve figures the only thing to do now is admit Andrea fancied him. It's the only way to get out of that pinch and Michelle did believe him. And she told Lloyd nearly the exact same excuses. And he believed her, too. But naturally, they got their stories crossed and they're busted.

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