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Sunday Comments - April 13

Sorry, I did forget to post these last week. Just in the interest of continuity, here's a summary from the week of April  7 - 11 on Canadian screens:

Anna's making Owen's butties, and Gary's too for their early start. Why couldn't Izzy do it or even Gary? Gary is having a very hard time keeping his frustration and attitude from Anna. That's going to be the undoing of him, I bet. Owen has got the bright idea to steal tiles from Phelan and use them to moonlight. Will they get caught? Owen was acting a bit suspicious in Pat's eyes and guess who shows up behind Gary as he's loading the van and Gary's busted.

Katy saved Gary's bacon temporarily but Phelan remains suspicious and he sussed out the truth.  He's threatening revenge and legal action making Owen scramble. Phelan has Owen just where he wants him. He's keeping the 80 grand and surely, legally, he can't do it in spite of Owen's actions. Owen's really up against a hard spot and he sounds like he's very close to a panic attack and lashing out to everyone, especially Gary. It might have been Owen's fault over the tiles but Gary was the one that bashed Phelan first.

So Gary's idea is to steal the dvd recordings of the security video. Climbs a ladder right up the front of the house to deal with the alarm and leaves the ladder there. Yeah, that's obvious. At least Owen managed to get Gary out of there but there must be fingerprints everywhere. They might have figured out an alibi but it's probably just dug themselves a deeper hole and they're all at each other's throats now. Izzy really tore a strip off Gary. He's going to have to toe the line now. What are they all going to do? 

Now what does Valerie want with Anna? To talk about a bad vibe? Sounds like she's just digging for information or gossip. Anna stayed circumspect. Now Anna's facing having to struggle for money like she has most of her life. 

Kevin seems to be happy bunking in with the Dobbs-Browns but Tyrone isn't too happy. He's worried about the paperwork and doesn't tell Fiz how bad it really is. Ah but Tyrone is a terrible liar so he had to tell Kevin the truth and Kevin was appalled, too! I can't blame him for being angry, truth be told but it's going to be a bit awkward with him staying at Tyrone's now, isn't it? Fiz wants Sally to stick her nose in, much to Tim's chagrin. Kevin's back to his usual surly self but this time, ok, he's got cause. Sally told him a few truths all of which were valid, just as she's promised Fiz and it made Kevin rethink his attitude. Maybe he should train Tyrone in how to keep organized.

David and Kylie are going to a hotel, sorting it out before they've even asked for a babysitter and Gail tears a strip off them for it but Gail is persuaded in the end. Kylie and David are taking full advantage of the night out and they both like Pulp Fiction. Logically leading to a night of role playing? Vince Vega and Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace  from the movie! They're going to the Elms hotel, by the way.

Hmm there's someone lurking about the windows of Platt Towers. And there he is  in the house. Gail knows darn well there was no gas leak reported and he's there to burgle the place. He didn't seem to be very good at it. Kylie would have been better off getting the registration than chasing the car. Can't blame Gail for being freaked out but he really didn't look that dangerous.

Still, Gail's jumpy and avoiding going home and Nick is recommending meditation. It's helped him! Then, the selfish David and Kylie decide they're going out for the evening. Sally came for a visit but Gail wasn't happy she didn't stay long. David and Kylie's glam night out didn't end up very well. Neither of them brought money! I chucked at their role playing and how it ended up! And wasn't it nice that Kylie actually realized that Gail was scared and wouldn't leave her?

Oh it's ok when Maria's all loved up with Marcus but now that her heart is broke, she's not happy when David and Kylie are all loved up. Have you noticed that Stella hardly ever wears beige or neutral colours anymore? She's in black. Almost All. The. Time. Aw nice to see a Sally and Gail scene. You almost forget they're good friends.

Stella needs a place to stay because Kevin wants his house back. She says it takes time but she's looking. Um. Her bestie Dev has two flats going empty, the shop and the kebab ones.

Holy liftin, Beth has been given an award for helping that lady when they got mugged. 5000 pounds worth! That's quite a lot for retrieving someone's handbag! Now, what to spend it on! Plus, she gets her story in the paper! Sinead wants to borrow the money to buy into the Kebab shop.  I'm not so sure Beth is going to want to part with her cash even if she'll get it back eventually and since she really got hurt by all those insults, Sinead isn't inclined to ask anyway.  Norris, of course, had lots to belittle about, doesn't think people should be rewarded for doing the right thing and made underhanded remarks about her photo. Some people can be mean. Like you, Norris! He thought it was prudent to mention to Beth the online comments about her appearance. Nice. one.

This segues into a cyber bullying issue. Slagging off Beth due to her appearance and really, she's quite pretty. Ok, hair's a bit off the wall but it's quirky. Unfortunately there's a lot of folk that look down on someone that isn't a picture perfect looking model-celeb type. And unfortunately, it's also touched a nerve with her as well. Aww but Craig posted some really sweet things to counter the crud.

Even going to a funeral of a man she hated, Carla's still worried about what she's going to wear.For a man that was clearly a wrong'un, there was a lot of people at George's funeral. She's also still not sorted what she's going to do about the baby and Rob making fun of her stepmother abilities is only adding to the argument against the one that Michelle is trying to put forth. She's very good at avoiding the issue. Michelle's right though, if she really wanted to terminate it, she'd have done it by now.  You can really see why Carla is the way she is, after listening to her stories about her mother. She says she doesn't want the baby but you can hear doubt in her words.

She's booked the clinic and she's not really up to morning jokes. Not really the time to point out that Simon seems to be relaxing a bit more with her. She's going to have a termination and she's obviously struggling with the decision. She's asked Michelle to come with her for support and as a good friend, of course Michelle will. I really thought it was a surgical procedure? It's a pill? It's not the morning after but perhaps it's early enough in the pregnancy that it will work. Michelle can see she's having doubts and Carla couldn't do it.Now she's going to have to tell Peter and she'll probably put that off for another few weeks. She doesn't think he's going to take it well, that she was that close to terminating his child. She's got a point.  

Now Steph knows Tina's back with the married man and is totally appalled, listening to Tina justify it. Apparently, Peter is taking her to a posh hotel in Worsley. Hmmm... Yep. Peter's waiting at a table in the bar when Tina comes in and we can hear someone answering a phone with ... you guessed it, The Elms Hotel!  I laughed at her being unaware of the fancy stuff on the menu that's locally sourced. She couldn't care less and Peter just thinks it's cute, the "real her" he says. I guess he gets what he pays for.

She's excited they're out in public. They're paying for it because David walks in and Tina has to hide under the table and Peter has to pretend she's got agoraphobia. Right. They end up hidden away in the room in the end with him making empty promises. 

Things are still awkward between Kal and Stella and Leanne but Eva of course, has no idea and embarasses Kal about rejecting Stella. At least she apologizes, sort of. I do love how Eva always says what she thinks even when it's not very tactful. Kal is sniffing around more even though it's still uncomfortable with Stella there, but you can see he and Leanne really are drawn to each other but Nick is hoping he can get his life back, including Leanne.

Stella's twigged something's up but she thinks it's about Leanne and Nick. Stella thinks that Nick hasn't got the message that Leanne has decided it really is over between them but Stella has figured out Leanne has feelings for Kal and she's encouraging her. Stella's thinking of leaving town, boy is she ever, all the way to New York! 

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