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The love triangles of Weatherfield (slight spoiler)

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2013.)

Is the love triangle de rigueur? It would appear so in Coronation Street at the moment. It feels like every other storyline is focussing on some kind of love triangle, from the plausible to the just plain contrived. Let's take a look at some of the recent Weatherfield romantic entanglements:

Tina, Peter and Carla. Obviously the most high profile at the moment. I feel great sympathy for Carla although given her relationship with Peter was itself founded on an affair, I guess it's what goes around comes around. As for Peter and Tina, it's just gut-wrenching. Apparently they have terrific chemistry but I'm yet to see it. Multiple pregnancies and alcoholism are being thrown into the mix to make it more interesting.

Steve, Andrea and Lloyd. This one is more interesting because of the great, genuine friendship between Steve and Lloyd. At the moment we're not quite sure of Andrea's motives in all this. At first she seemed keen on Steve but now Andrea seems settled with Lloyd. Michelle certainly doesn't like Andrea, which makes me like the newcomer all the more. If this love triangle takes Steve away from Michelle it maybe won't be that bad.

Rita, Dennis and Gloria. This was just plain ludicrous. We're always saying we want to see more of the senior members of the Corrie cast, but this storyline was really not the way to do it. First of all the writers turned Rita into a shrew and a stick in the mud. I never liked Gloria so I'm glad she's gone, but what a waste of Dennis. Philip Lowrie is returning for a spell, but for me the damage has sadly been done. It surely couldn't have been that hard to find things for Rita and Dennis to do?

Marcus, Maria and Todd. Oh the ruination of Todd Grimshaw. I was pleased Todd was returning but I loathe what he's become. There's a thorough unpleasantness about him these days and Eileen was on to him straight away. Jason is the mature, hard working brother now. He has set his sights on "straight" Marcus who, against his better judgement, cannot resist. It's a shame we hadn't seen more of Marcus and Maria together, for as things stand, I don't really care that much that Maria and Marcus are going to split up. I do care though that Charlie Condou is leaving as he's a great actor playing a decent, under-used character.

Liz, Tony and Eileen. We've already seen trouble here with Liz and Eileen exchanging words with poor Deirdre trying to keep the peace. Eileen claims not to be interested in her ex but it's obviously stirred up old feelings for her. Who knows where this one will go next, although I've also noticed a frisson between Eva and Jason's dad.

Stella, Leanne and Kal. Oh dear. The Price ladies have a habit of doing this don't they? Remember when Stella got together with Jason, only for Eva to end up with him afterwards? Well Stella's up to her old tricks again, only this time I don't think luck is on her side. In the weeks ahead it looks like St Ella is going to set her beige cap at fitness instructor Kal. However, I think Kal is more interested in Stella's daughter Leanne. Is Leanne over Nick though?

Looking ahead, you've got to wonder what Kevin's imminent return will mean for Sally and Tim. Personally I like Sally and Tim together and I'd hate to see Kevin get in the way of that.

So what do you think of all these burgeoning love triangles? Are you enjoying them? Which are working and which aren't? 

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