Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jimmi Harkishin appears in Halifax tonight

Jimmi Harkishin has arrived in Halifax and is looking forward to meeding Corrie fans at the Downeast Streeters' show at the Halifax Westin tonight. 

Jimmi has been playing Dev Alahan on the show for over 15 years now and spoke with the Chronicle Herald about Being Dev Alahan. (There's a slight spoiler at the end of that article but nothing about any specific storyline)

Jimmi describes Dev as a "bruised romantic" and he enjoys playing his character. “It’s fun to play. I don’t buy into cheap notions of machismo and our hero.”

As do most of the actors, Jimmi feels it's a real privilege to be on Coronation Street. He also remembers that infamous scene where Dev and Deirdre Barlow ended up under the sheets together, a total suprise but one that was a delight to film.

“People loved that storyline. She’s brilliant, highly professional, word-perfect; there’s an ease in her. She’s effortless and knows her character inside and out, and doesn’t go through hoops the way I do sometimes. When it became so popular, it was nothing to do with me and all about her in the best possible way.”

Jimmi was born in Paris and currently lives in London, commuting to Manchester. He loves movies and is doing more cooking these days, especially Italian and Indian dishes.

There may still be some tickets left for tonight's event. Tickets are $33 plus fees through Ticket Atlantic and the event is at the Halifax Westin Hotel in the Commonwealth Room at 7:00. He will be in Toronto at the British Isles Show over the weekend.

Later this week the Bluenose Blog will be back to tell you all about the evening from one of the guests attending the show tonight, with a few of her photos.  

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