Monday, 12 January 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Jan. 5 - 9

Auld Lang Syne award: Roy and Steve both are facing what seems to them to be a bleak new year.

End of his rope award: Roy. And unfortunately it was Gary that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Past their sell by date award: If Yasmeen has anything to do with it, those chickens will be in a pot before New Year.

Art Critic award: Gavin espousing Modern Art, the sort that makes a statement even if you have no clue what it is. That's pretty much my take on most of it as well!

Embezzlement award: Steve is using business funds to fix his car!

Dodge the bullet award: Gavin managed to find the real Gavin's National Insurance details but slipped out of having the payroll deposited into a bank account.

A House Divided award: Roy and Gary have made peace between themselves. Too bad all the neighbours are still holding a grudge against one or the other.

Gullible award: Norris

Lines of the week:
Sally "Sophie. I've embraced your Christianity, your decision not to go to university and your lesbianism. You owe me."
Leanne to the bully "You call me that again (skank) and I'll kick you so hard where it hurts you're gonna have three adam's apples" (and she would, she's a Battersby)
Erica about the Boxing Day sales "Try going out and coming back with someone else's husband!" Tony "Don't come back with more than you can carry!"
Tracy to Tony "It's not the games I like, it's the winning"
Sally "My living room is a flaming squat! No offence, Maddie!"
Yasmeen "When nature calls, my lavatory is your lavatory"
Steve "I always wanted to be a laughingstock in a room full of women"
Leanne to Nick "We get on much better now we're not together"
Amy to Norris "Sometimes, I see dead people" (Brilliant windup!)
Michael to David "It's easier to get through the day if you've something to believe in" (but Steve and Roy don't seem to have it)
Liz "Who wants 'what if' on their headstone? Seize the day" (unfortunately, not everyone seizes it prudently)
Anna to Owen "I haven't heard Izzy complaining. Only you!" (YES! and she told him what for!)

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