Monday, 19 January 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Jan. 12 - 16

Guard Dog award: Yasmeen. I bet the bullies won't bother Roy anymore now that Yasmeen is on their case. Storyline dropped. End of.

First Wedding Dance fail: All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie. Kirk's right, too many tempos.

Fashion win: I loved Audrey's red shirt and the black and white scarf!

Legal tangles award: Gary couldn't stop the police from charging Roy. How come Roy or someone was able to stop them from charging Gary? Or did they?

Unpleasant Cow award: Katy. She's gobbing off at Amy for the ghost thing this week. I suppose it makes a change from gobbing off at and about Gary, neither situation having anything to do with her.

Contrary award: Too right. Tell David what not to do and it's guaranteed he'll do it. Daft or not.

His Master's Voice award: Jason might *say* he does whatever he wants but he's quick to jump to Eva's requests.

Desert Island award: Surely Beth would have sent her mother or other relatives a photo of Kirk before now? Or Sinead would have?

Musical Ambiance: In the pub, just as Steve was mentioned and Michelle was sorting cover for her date, "He Stopped Loving Her Today"

Modesty award: Since when was Michelle *ever* uncertain and shy about kissing a bloke?

Not Dressed to Impress award: Michelle looked pretty hot. Hamish couldn't even be bothered to shave. And that shirt? Please.

True love award: Kirk describing "When I look at her, I feel like the sun's exploding in my chest"! Chesney's right. That's beautiful!

Lines of the week:
Yasmeen to Gary "A word of advice. Once you lose your temper, you've already lost" (the battle, that is, and she's right)
Amy aka Tracy mini-me "Some people have no sense of humour"
Kirk "I was thinking of going as Darth Vader." "... it would make it difficult to kiss the bride" (hahahahahaha)
Rita about Norris running off "He's like a toddler that's left it too late to get to the potty"
Roy "To hide away would be to avoid judgement"
Michael to David "You're a hairdresser, you're sensitive and you're frail"
Kirk "I like having someone tell me what to do. If I'm left to my own devices, anything can happen!"
Izzy to Alya "I don't want to be your mate" Alya "Just remember, You're out here (shop floor), I"m in there (office)" Izzy
"You're a trainee" Alya "For now" (so, being friends is now a job requirement? I don't think so)
Jason "What's that noise? Is it the kettle?" Chesney "No" Jason "Can it be?" (hint!)
Callum "Any psycho could have walked off with him" David "A psycho *did* walk off with him"
Billy "I believe we ought to lead the life God wants us to. He made me fancy men and like good bitter" (and so say all of us!)
Granny Tinker "Robert deNiro? More like Forrest Gump"

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