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Sunday Comments January 25

It's wedding day! Kirk is tied in knots with a kick to his self esteem and just general wedding jitters. He doesn't want to get anything wrong and is convinced he's going to do it all wrong. The bridesmaids look awesome. The Bride does too, but she wasn't best pleased to see a few spare Madonnas (from other eras, at least) across the road (Sophie and Maddie, )Julie's sweating over the cake, it's Mary to the rescue and they nearly overturn it on the street. Here's the problem, Kirk walked out of the house and nobody knows where he is!

Oh great. Now what? Beth does her nut! In the process, she completely insults her future in-laws who were only invited by text and I fail to believe that Beth wouldn't have sent them an invitation. Seriously? Anyway, Bride's worst nightmare. Oh never mind, he's here and he changed his costume from another Blues Brother to Beth's favourite, Adam Ant and all is forgiven. Ooh and they even decorated the room! Brilliant! Though if they'd lost their slot, the lesbians from Levenshulme mightn't have been too keen.

The wedding was wonderful! Beth wrote her vows and of course Kirk just couldn't do it but spoke from the heart. Brief, simple and true and there wasn't a dry eye in the house, me included! Kirk's parents were looking on, were they emotional or just horrified? I don't know but it doesn't matter, does it? A wedding that was as excellent and unique as I hoped for!

What's up with Sally Webster, by the way? She and Tim got all hot and bothered at Carla and Peter's wedding and this time, they didn't even make it to the wedding! Tim must be way hotter in bed than Kevin! Sean feels in the dumps because Billy didn't make it to the wedding.

Steve, meanwhile, is doing his bit for the 80s, fiddling with a real Rubik's cube and off with the fairies. Liz decided that she had to do some shopping before visiting Andy in Spain. Today. Irresponsible, I say even if her main objective was to get Steve and Michelle in the same room. It didn't work. Michelle kept having a go at Steve who was shut down so, even if she's ticked off at Steve, she should be sacked by leaving Steve alone in the bar to handle a wedding reception while she goes on a date. She knows she can't be sacked if her name is over the door but if anyone's pushing Steve over the edge on this day, at least, it's her. Of course Steve can't cope and he just leaves the pub to the punters to it, free booze and he couldn't care less. Liz finally returned and was horrified. Well, she shouldn't have left in the first place!

The first dance was supposed to be Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long but Beth's mam hit the wrong button, probably on purpose, and they had to make do with Push It! It certainly got the audience jumping, including, surprisingly, Kirk's dad who was very flirtatious with Tracy Barlow! The In-laws' gift is free tickets to Cypress where they live. Ok. Romantic honeymoon in a donkey sanctuary with the in-laws? Um....

Most of the reception went smoothly except Sinead's mother latched on to Dev who was flattered but Julie sizzled and fumed until she blew. BACK OFF, LADEH! Dev understood and they're ok with it all. And Beth's sister had the gall to squeal about them not being married and him being fair game! If the stiletto was on the other foot, you know she'd have her claws in Julie's eyes far sooner than that! Kirk kept freezing up over doing a speech so Beth had to do some damage control. They had some "us" time in the back yard of the pub that Kirk decorated with lights and a romantic table for two, and made some very special vows to each other. Julie caught the bouquet, much to Mary's chagrin. Carla gave the couple a night in a very posh country hotel and Tyrone lent them the car to get there. On getting in it, Beth promised Kirk the best ride ever! Kirk's reply? Why d'you think I married her!!!

Awwww this is the best Corrie wedding ever!

But there were tears, too. Tracy was reminded of her failed wedding. Julie was upset after the fight with a love rival. Steve withdrew inside himself. Sean was sad because Billy never showed up until the very end. Liz has finally started to realize that she really should be worried about Steve. Maria still blowing hot and cold at Luke. She's angry he ended up at the reception, made it clear she didn't want anything serious and then asked him back to her empty flat for a shag. Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold. Make it stop please. I posted more photos and fun from the wedding here.

Mary is still on duty with the Alahan twins but Julie keeps poking her nose in and distracting them from her routine. Mary is dismayed and complains to Dev about the distractions. Dev sends Julie out for wine and tries to make excuses for her as not meaning any harm but Mary stands her ground. When the twins' upcoming birthday activities are discussed, bowling is voted down in favour of Annhiliator, which displeases Mary but she's outvoted and she leaves, tail between her legs.

Dev knows Julie means well but Julie's oblivious. She can see Mary is feeling left out but doesn't seem to twig that she's the cause of some of it by overriding Mary's authority with the kids and their routine. Julie wants them all to be one big happy family. Dev is really getting stuck in the middle and Audrey rightly points out to Mary that if it comes to choosing between the woman he loves and Mary, Mary will lose. Audrey is sympathetic to Mary's feelings, how much she loves the family and she's right. Julie isn't trying to push her out. Dev showed up at the pub and reinforces that. He still needs her and so do the kids.

On the twins' birthday, Mary feels like a spare wheel and doesn't go to Annhialate anyone at the games thingy. But Dev brought the children to her later to make up for it even though she called them on setting her up into it.

Sharif's chickens are not laying eggs yet and he's spending time sitting and watching, much to the amusement and scorn of his wife. It's ironic, Sharif watching the hens peck and identifying with them! But he loves his wife anyway, so he indicates to Michael. Not so sure he always likes her, though! Later, Gary and Alya have a bit of fun at his expense as well when Roy suggests playing opera music will relax the birds.

Maria is STILL hot and cold with Luke. She let him stay overnight but kicked him out really early so Liam wouldn't see him and be confused. Yet when Liam was invited to a sleepover, she was quick to invite Luke back for the evening. Luke, being a bit clueless like a lot of young men, offers pizza until Katy scolds him. He then offers the Bistro and gets a much better reaction but it didn't turn out very well because Liam had to come home from the sleepover. Where Steph and Gavin are just as cute as a button together, these two just bore the bits off me.

Gavin has been acting unromantic towards Steph ever since New Year's. You'd never know they snogged each other's face off and she complains to Leanne who tells her men who are a puzzle probably aren't worth it in her long experience. Later, Gavin's ex-boss and ex-fiance (one and the same woman) comes looking for him. He hides behind the bar and hears her tell Steph and Leanne that her ex owes her money after dumping her and is a right piece of work. Oops. Gavin tries to tell Leanne and Steph he's changed. They don't really buy it and he gets a warning from Luke to back off his sister as well. Now Steph really is put off Gavin as a lost cause but Michael thinks Gavin just has to admit to Steph how he feels.

We know, of course, he's worried if he gets close to her, she'll find out his secret. He admits he's been telling lies but not what they are and he admits he really likes Steph. A lot. Luke isn't happy about it but there's not much he can do about it. And so much for not getting close to her. Gavin and Steph have taken that next step. A number of them in fact, up them stairs, if you get my drift!

Meanwhile, Michael has been getting chapter and verse about hanging on to the one you love so he ends up down on his knees in the street proposing to Gail. He's head over heels in love but her reaction to the proposal is cool, mainly because he really caught her off guard and he went running, embarassed. At least Gail did make a remark about "another marraige?" and had a second thought for his health problems. But what the heck, Gail decided to surprise Michael with her own proposal but it landed him in hospital with the surprise and the day long worry! As if she'd gather the family around to watch her dump him!

Ken helps out Tracy in the shop to give her a bit of a break but his moral lecturing and speeches have apparently turned most of the punters away so she makes him leave. But Tony's heard Ken telling Roy that Tracy's in financial dire straits and looks very interested in that fact. Later, Tracy buys a load of fancy kitchen mixers but he tells her they're stolen.

Not sure how she contacted the guy to return, because i wouldn't have thought he'd have let her have his contact details but maybe she made him sign some sort of contract or receipt. Anyway he does return but when she insists he give her the money back and take the goods away, he starts to rough her up. Conveniently, Tony comes in and helps chase him off though Tracy put her knee to good use first. Guess what? The bloke seems to know Tony quite well. Set up? I'd say so. And it's not over yet.

The shop is then broken into and her insurance isn't going to cover it. The last payment bounced. Obviously she's not been watching her bank statement because the fees for that sort of thing are huge and noticeable. That broken shop door was exactly what Tony needed to walk right in with his chequebook. She didn't feel she had much of a choice. 50/50 partner.

Kylie's still missing and Michael has got the cab drivers on the lookout for her. It isn't much but it's something. Sounds like David's got his hands full dealing with the kids on his own.

Carla's back from L.A. and she looks wonderful. But in the factory, Sally's still treating Alya like something under her shoe and was gleeful when Alya accepted the invitation for Carla for the award she won because Sally knew that Carla didn't want to be at the ceremony. But Carla didn't take long to see the sniping and power glint in Sally's eye where Alya is concerned and she made them both leave so she wouldn't be in the line of fire! Ohh i really wanted Carla to shoot Sally down.

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