Monday, 16 March 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 9 - 13

Overkill award: Ken trying to upgrade Audrey's literary tastes with Anna Karenina. Not a bad choice but couldn't he have picked up a slim paperback version? They do make them. Why on earth would he give her a doorstop of a book like that?

First Impression Fail award: Steph is right. Most blokes try to do things to impress their women. And a lot of them fail. Luke isn't lying in the same way she's been lied to in the past by men.

Lassie award: I'm pretty sure Ozzy was trying to tell Maria that Luke is a big, fat liar!

Driver (potential) fail: Tyrone is going to give Roy a driving lesson. At 5 p.m. Rush Hour. Yep, that's gonna be relaxing. Not.

I need clean pants award: Andy saw his whole life crashing in front of his eyes when Steph told him Gavin was back.

Calling Canada award: Michael doesn't want to be found naked, tied to a pole in Nova Scotia after his stag do. Trust me on this. You don't want to have much skin bared to the elements this winter in Nova Scotia. I should know!

High Noon award: Is it going to be garden spades at 20 paces across the allotment? Will Roy and Sharif be able to share peacefully? It was certainly bridal bouquets at dawn in the verbal sparring between Eileen and Gail. Wonderful stuff!

Executive Fail award: Sally's briefcase. Empty. Just for show. I love it! She tries but never quite figures it out, does she?

Lines of the week
Jason to Tony "Maybe I owe you an apology" (you think?)
Beth "It's really depressing coming home every night stinking of death" (isn't it just?)
Norris "She (his first ex-wife) bought me gray trousers, a gray shirt and a gray sweater. I looked like a walking shadow" Rita "Not the human dynamo you see before you today!"
Sally "I don't know how you behave in your home, but in mine we respect our soft furnishings" (I *heart* Sally!)
Gail "Crumble's just an excuse for custard" Michael "Who needs an excuse for custard!" (true, that!)
Sally "When am I moody?" (um.)
Gavin on cooking "Quickest way to a man's heart" Steph "If he's got one" (meaning Callum)
Roy "I'm preparing... for a high stakes game of horticultural mastermind"
Gail to Eileen "If anyone chucked flowers at you, they'd probably wilt on contact"

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