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Sunday Comments March 22

Oh look, Erica's back and boy, Gail isn't happy about it! This hen night was quite amusing, between the women getting tiddly and teasing each other, Eileen and Gail sparring and then Erica shadowing the bride. Eileen's attitude towards Gail is to be expected, normally, and it was good fun to watch but as an employee, it's downright unacceptable though I do think it was a mistake giving Eileen the champagne bottle to pop. Far too tempting! Owen was doing more than asking Callum what he did for a living, he was practically grilling him and i LOVED that a drunken Gail blew Callum's secret out of the water. Katy might try to pretend it's all lies, but I think Owen's more likely to believe Gail than Callum.

Steph persuaded Andy, who was just about to back out of the theft somehow (though he'd missed putting it in the bank for Nick) to stage a robbery. Yeah, that always works. I just hope there really was an alley between the Bistro and the bank like he said in his story. These things can be checked. And what about all the CCTV around? If the bank really is in Market St. that's the city centre of Manchester and there's bound to be a lot of them around and even if they don't show the robbery, surely one of them could have caught Andy going down into an alley. Or not of course. So that's good. Add theft to fraud and lying to the police and that's probably good for an extra 5 years on the sentence in Strangeways. Anyway, they only got half the money and Gavin is threatening to blow it all up at the wedding if they don't get it. Oh dear.

It's Gail and Michael's wedding day and if you were watching last week, you knew there was a big elephant about to come crashing into the room in the guise of Gavin. He's determined to scam money out of Andy in return for his silence about Andy pretending to be him. You waited for it all through the first wedding day episode when Gail was having attacks of nerves, mainly worrying about Michael's health and if she deserved being happy. Andy was a ball of nerves too, not just because he's staged a mugging and got the police involved, but because Gavin is lurking around corners and even confronted Andy and Michael with a nasty diatribe about Michael's son hating him always. Steph isn't too calm herself. Turns out they all had reason to be on edge.

Because there's no more money forthcoming from Andy, Gavin goes to Gail before the wedding and reveals his secret. He's the real Gavin Rodwell. She's bound to have money, right? She does manage to scrape together some money and warns him off but it's made her late for the wedding which didn't go off in the end. Gail is still McIntyre and Michael is disappointed and angry.

Gail, as you might expect, has a hard time getting her head around the news. Gavin has come to Gail to get the rest of the money he thinks he's owed. He's very good, this actor, isn't he? Very believable! Gavin maintains his view that Michael doesn't really have regrets and that he's a despicable man. He won't be told otherwise. Anyway it made Gail so late for the wedding that she missed their time slot. They were some really good episodes, with Gail finding out the truth and later, confronting Andy.

I can't blame Michael for being angry but it only proves Gail believes she's doing the right thing keeping the secret because he is having stress related symptoms. So she has to keep lying as do they all and someone has to find the rest of the money Gavin wants and pronto. Michael and Gail made up at least but Gail is going to use her last pennies to pay off Gavin and she wanted to do it herself. Paid off with one last warning to get his heart checked.

There's another elephant in the room and this time it's Linda. We know Anna has been acting jealous, it's pretty much open warfare. Big holes in the relationship between Anna and Owen over it all. Mind you, with Owen being so harsh about Linda and then an abrupt truce, it does make it seem like he's harboured unresolved feelings all these years and she's probably feeling very insecure and threatened. He seems to be more interested in bonding with his old family than his new one these days and let's face it, he was never that interested in bonding with Gary and he and Faye have always had their differences. and it seems maybe she has a good reason to be because after a nice afternoon of reminiscing and expressing regrets and apologies, both of them, Linda tells Owen she has always loved him and wants him and both girls to move to Portugal with her. I can't for the life of me think why she still loves him after how he treated her and refused her children to her. Maybe the past comes with rose coloured glasses. Him, yes maybe there are unresolved feelings because he was very hurt at her affair.

Does Owen tell Anna about Linda's proposal? He does! It's probably best he was honest but he did reassure her. Does he mean it? He seems to. Why didn't he reassure her earlier in all this? Because he's Owen, I guess and a bit clueless. Linda's still going to ask the girls to leave Weatherfield, though. The girls were flummoxed when she asked. The prospect of a new life in Portugal gave them a lot to think about, and it looks like Katy really might be considering it even if she doesn't think so just now.

And what changed her mind? She started making more noises to Callum about giving up Portugal for a proper relationship with him and he got mouthy about the kids' accident and turned around and called her a slapper. Oh. Nice. True Colours, there Katyluv. It was enough to make her decide to give Portugal a try but Chesney is going to have something to say about it.

And the third elephant in the room is one that only two people can see though I don't know how Faye's managing to hide that 8 month baby bump. Her school clothes are getting baggier and baggier. Wouldn't her skirt be awfully tight by now? She doesn't look to me like she could work a needle and thread so is she buying bigger skirts? With what money? It's Faye's birthday and there's a surprise party in the works. She didn't like all that attention. And I think the party might have been slightly better if they'd played music from this century instead of naff 80s tunes from Anna and Owen's disco days.

Craig and Faye nearly got caught out talking by Chesney but luckily he overheard something about Katy and Portugal so they were in luck there. As far as Faye's secret goes, at least.

Ooops, Steve thought Liz sacked Eileen but she hadn't and Eileen found out the hard way that her barmaid days were over. And you know how she can hold a grudge! Eileen is being persuaded to try internet dating though she says she's done it in the past and dated the weirdos to prove it. Eileen's ticked off at Steve and Michelle and rightly so. They never should have let her linger in the pub when it was clear it wasn't working out. Instead, she's got Todd talking her into internet dating. It could work. Or it could be fodder for comedy dates. Too bad, it would be nice to see Eileen find a good, decent man with no baggage. The profile that Todd and Julie have come up with sure sanitizing Eileen's personality a bit but aside from the fib about the age, it wasn't bad.

Eileen's dating profile got some responses. So far, not so good. She's picked one to start with. A forklift driver. Todd is making himself responsible for her first impression wardrobe. Probably a good thing. Eileen looked quite nice in the end until Julie tried to change what she was wearing to something to her taste. Glad Eileen stuck to her choice.

Julie's blown it again and this time, literally. She's persuaded Leanne to try to fix the fryer in the kebab shop rather than get in a professional. Out go the lights all over the world, or at least in the shop and flat so that means Leanne and Simon have to bunk in with the Nazirs. That's not gone over well with sulky face Zeedan. At least Zeedan was instrumental in getting Tony involved even if Kal disapproves of Tony personally. Tony *is* an electrician, conveniently. It was nice that Sharif made Leanne feel welcome. I think all of them are now accepting of her except for Sulky Face.

If Simon was still a cute little boy, he might have a better chance of winning Zeedan over. And Zeedan doesn't know what he's up against, tangling with mother lioness Leanne. I chuckled at Tracy decribing how the Battersbys would steal anything not nailed down. Leanne might have denied it but her blushing grin said it was true.

Dev's stay in India is extended with the illness of Uncle Umed. Awww. Callum never misses a chance to wind up David, does he? Now he's introducing Max to his mother, Max's granny. You know, if Callum wasn't such a drug dealing nob, you wouldn't mind so much, would you? Now what's got into Emily? She was almost downright rude to Sean in the bar over her sherry. I suppose comedy nights really aren't Emily's cup of tea. Billy's having a bit of a wobble over going public with Sean at the church comedy night and that hurt Sean's feelings. Billy is in a bit of an awkward spot, I suppose, wanting to make certain impressions at a new job. Not lying about himself but trying to be a bit discreet as well.

Turns out Sharif didn't stand up Roy, he was just a bit late. The interview was at someone's house. I thought the allottments were council-run? Seems odd they interviewed them in the evening not on official premises. But Sharif is trying to charm the woman and Roy has a lot in common with her husband. It's going to be a dead heat, i think. Lloyd still seems to be having trouble getting his head around Steve's diagnosis. Ken really does annoy me. But I think he knows very well that Audrey probably hasn't and won't read the book so why put her on the spot all the time about it? I laughed at Sally pretending to have read the book, when all she did was check on the internet! That's what Audrey needs to do!

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