Monday, 30 March 2015

Taxi for Armstrong

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2014.)

So all of a sudden, out of the blue, we hear the news that actress Georgia May Foote is to leave Coronation Street before the end of the year. (ed. note: Yes, Katy has just left the Street. This blog post was written last year when the spoiler first came out)

While I'll not shed any tears when Katy Armstrong leaves Weatherfield, it does seem a bit odd given that a long-term future for the character was suggested not that long ago.

Young Katy has been one of my least favourite characters for quite some time. While not being quite as surly as the increasingly irritating, dour Sophie or quite as gobby as the increasingly unpleasant Michelle, Katy has been a quiet, background source of annoyance for a while.

The character has been a spare part since her split with Chesney. The arrival of sweet, kindly, soap making Sinead has left Ms Armstrong redundant. Seeing nice but dull Chesney with Sinead makes you realise what a poor match Chesney and Katy were in the first place. To my mind the character was ruined as soon as the pair were saddled with their hasty relationship and parenthood. This aged them overnight and neither character has been able to come back from that abyss of old before their time responsibility. 

What made things worse was the further about turn which saw devoted young mum Katy turn trampy overnight with the deeply unsuitable, beige, characterless Ryan Connor. That entire storyline was the ultimate in filler tedium and it was an immense relief when Ryan was packed off somewhere or other for some deeply vacuous, spurious reason. At the time my only complaint was that he didn't take Katy with him.

In recent times Katy has been a background presence in the seemingly never-ending spiral of gloom that is the Armstrong-Windass family. Every so often she would chirrup up to pass on some lame piece of advice to someone who wasn't listening or compliment Valerie "gob on a stick" Phelan on her d├ęcolletage. 

While I'm a fan of Debbie Rush (Anna) and Mikey North (Gary), the over-abundance of the Armstrong-Windass clan has been quite overpowering of late, so as far as I'm concerned one less is no bad thing. Out of them all, Katy is the easiest to dispense with. Steph has come along with bags of personality and we are soon to meet Kal Nazir's daughter, Alya, so there will be no shortage of younger female characters.  

Despite my feelings towards Katy, I do wish Georgia May Foote all the best for the future.

So what do you think about the decision to wave goodbye to Katy Armstrong? Will you miss her? What would you like her exit storyline to be?

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