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Sunday Comments, March 15

Max is kicking off already, but at his age the news that Callum is his "real" dad must be confusing to him. And any time David makes him do something he doesn't want to, the hurtful "You're not my real dad" is flung. It looks at the moment like Callum is trying to buy Max's affection but then he may not really know how to be a dad. We don't know what his family situation was, just that he has a mother in his life. Felt really bad for David. Gail tried to talk to Max and Michael tried to back them up but David is in too many knots over it all.

David knows if he pushes too much he'll lose Max and he doesn't want Callum to win. Michael's suggestion of allowing Max to see Callum isn't ideal but it might be the only solution even though it's killing David to admit it. So in the end, he agrees to let Callum see Max but the first night is a test, to see if Callum will actually show up and that's only going to make Callum more likely to try to take Max away.

He did let Callum see Max, though and he did show up on time. Callum made a remark about not knowing where Max got the blonde hair from. I think a DNA test is in order, don't you?

Liz wasn't too keen on Tony and Tracy keeping a box of dodgey goods at the pub. He reckoned the lesser of two evils was to confess to the stolen goods. Liz is fed up and she could see stuff like this coming once he was in business with Tracy. She doesn't even know the half of it yet. Tony was getting stick from everyone. At least Jason apologized and he and his dad made up. Ah but later, Tracy let her gob get away with her as usual and ended up being kicked out. Then barred and she appealed to Tony who backed up Liz as he should even without the affair. Boy was she shocked and hurt.

Tracy is really winding up Liz and totally enjoying it. It is making Tony more and more uncomfortable, though, waiting for Tracy to let it all out of the closet. Tracy is having too much fun controlling him at the moment but there will come a time when she gets angry and it's all going to blow sky high. Tony can't say he wasn't warned.

Tim's first night at adult literacy was about as bad as she thought it might be. Oh look, Anna is still cleaning at the Rovers. I forgot about that. Speaking of Callum, he does seem to be resisting Katy's attempts at domestic bliss. He's more interested in sleepovers than nice home cooked meals. Steve is still seeing the therapist. Good to know.

It's funny that Eileen is so bad at being a barmaid. She's usually a hard worker and not inclined to slack off like she seems to be doing in the pub. She is treating the job like a lark and she certainly isn't holding back on her opinions like telling Audrey it's too early to drink! That part of it is true Eileen and is quite funny. I do believe that Steve and Michelle are both scared of her. She can be quite forceful when she wants to be. But then again, Steve is afraid of most women, really.

Yep, Maria caught Owen doing the tiling job but she was going to pretend she didn't find out. She's upset because he lied, Steph rightly points out that most blokes try to impress their women and usually fail miserably at it. I laughed at Ozzy trying to out Luke's lies when Maria was praising how good a job he did, or at least, that's what it seemed like. She got the truth out of Luke and joked that Ozzy told her.

Anna's doing her best to make Owen realize that she's still worthy of his attention, all made up and pretty for a quick drink. He, being an insensitive clod, tells her, after she's just finished telling him she's insecure about Linda, that Linda's not all bad. Thanks. But Linda is still around and Owen is trying to hang out with her thinking it might help thaw Izzy out a bit. Anna's not keen in being anywhere near the ex but she's damned if she's letting Owen meet her on his own, too. Katy doesn't want her father sticking his oar in, though. Later, it's all happy families, reminscing over old family photos and Anna definitely feels like the outsider and Izzy still doesn't want to be around her father. That will take some time to thaw I expect. She does have good reason, though.

Anna's really kicking off against Linda and all the "happy families" scenarios. There are definitely seeds of discontent being sowed between she and Owen and she's using Faye as an excuse but really, she's jealous and insecure.

Craig nearly let Faye's secret out of the closet, too, when he saw Anna hugging Faye after the doctor's appointment which also could have gone against Faye but didn't. I guess Anna isn't really noticing the baby bump and just thinking it's extra weight because why would she think her 12 year old who doesn't have a boyfriend is pregnant? Sally wonders if Craig is her boyfriend but she says not. Tim isn't very good at intimate dad stuff but he does try.

We've met the young lad who is the baby daddy, young Jackson who looks like a child himself. There's a school trip to France and Anna and Owen are already skint. I suppose they don't want to say no outright but at this point, Faye doesn't even want to go and can't say why!

After hearing about Jenny's fall out with Rita over money, Kevin did seem to wonder if she has any ulterior motive. He's not got the cash so he probably knows he isn't going to get ripped off. He thinks their relationship is nobody's business so he seems willing. Rita proceeded to get 50 shades of legless after the Jenny thing and later she wasn't best pleased to find out Jenny stayed over at Kevin's. She's still convinced Jenny has an agenda and even when Jenny tried to give her 300 pounds of the 1000 that Rita had given her years ago, Rita wouldn't take it. She had given it to make Jenny go away and coldly turns her back on her again. Go away. Ouch. Well, you can't blame Jenny for trying. Why didn't she try to get in touch all these years? When someone pays you off and tells you never to darken their door again, and as you mature you realize what a cow you were, would you think that person would even want to see you again? Rita regretted being cold after, though. Nice to see Sophie taking care of Rita. You forget how close Sally and Rita always were and how much Rita always thought of Sophie and Rosie.

Michael's idea of vows sound more like an audition for a maid! Ga'Andy gave him some good advice, especially that bit about honesty and he should know! Meanwhile the wedding is only days away and Gail finally has a dress. The lads are off to get suits and Steph offers to help Gail with some of her errands. Lovely lass, isn't she? Ga'Andy even admits he's quite fond of Michael and really fits in. Therefore it should be no surprise to anyone when Steph opens the door of Andy's flat to find the real Gavin there! Thought Steph was going to lose the plot!

And Gavin, he's pretty angry. Ok, he's allowed to be angry that Andy stole his identity and indeed, his life. Got a good case for Andy defrauding him as well, taking payroll in his name. And what about making up with the father that Gavin hates? But blackmail? He says he wants paying or he'll tell. He lurks in the background of the pub just to play games. He's callous and cold and won't even entertain the thought that his father wants to make up for his past. We are sympathetic with Andy and Steph but let's face it, they are in the wrong as well but caught in a hard place. If they tell Michael, they risk that the shock will kill him.

And if you're wondering how he knew where the pub was, he already had the address of the Bistro, all he had to do was go and ask there. Andy hasn't got 5000 and no way to get it but as always, opportunity presents itself and Andy decides he's got to steal the Bistro bank deposit. Oh dear.

Gail is having yet another hen do. At 56 she wonders why. At 56, I can identify. A nice ladies' lunch would suit me better. The stag night is going to be a bit subdued as well. The groom can't drink and Steve can't either. Kind of makes the rest of them feel like moderation, I would think. I enjoyed Eileen sparring with Gail in the pub, they just can't help themselves! Drawing pictures on Gail and Michael's photo might have been a bit much seeing as Eileen is bar staff, though.

Roy has finally started his cooking classes for the community centre. If he's just doing it now, after deciding about it weeks and weeks ago, what's he been doing for his community service in the meantime? Still wiping shelves and setting up tables and getting under Yasmeen's feet? Since when does Ken take it upon himself to educate the minds of the local readers of romantic fiction? It looked like he was holding the class in the centre but I thought his idea was to do it in the cafe after closing hours.

Roy has his driving lesson in the Woody. It's starting off a bit dodgey but if he's determined, he'll manage it. Meanwhile he has to find a new local source for his organic veg and that's leading into a new storyline for our Royston. An allotment. And Sharif likes the idea, too but apparently there's only one free allotment and the two of them want it. Does this mean war? Roy is certainly approaching it like a man readying for battle as only Roy can, studying all about how to grow veg! He's going to have to be well armed, it seems like Sharif fired the first shot by not picking Roy up to drive him to the interviews.

Good grief! It's one thing to recommend one of the classics to anyone, much less Audrey, but why on this green earth would Ken have offered Audrey a book the size of the Gutenberg Bible rather than a paperback version of it???? She should have kneecapped him with it! And it might be one of Emily's favourite books but I bet even she would recoil at the size of that book! Do they have study summaries in the UK that you can buy? Or Audrey could get Maria to help her look up the plot on the internet. Might be enough to bluff through.

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missusmac said...

I really dislike it when they make Eileen this snarky. The only difference between her and Norris right now is the hairdo! Also, Norris seems to have a better work ethic. These personality transplants are tough on fans of certain characters. And I am a fan of Eileen's.

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