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Sunday Comments March 29

Too bad Gail gave Gavin cash and not a cheque. He wouldn't have had a chance to cash it before he crashed his car! RealGavin's dead! How ironic is that!? Gail even wondered if Andy fiddled the brakes! But Gavin had been drinking all night and probably was well over the limit. They did warn him! Andy is now blaming himself whether it was drink driving or because of the heart condition. Either way, Andy was Gavin's friend for many years, no matter how much of a git Gavin had been lately, Andy's bound to be grieving.

Anyway, Michael's operation didn't have the desired effect and he now will probably need a transplant. Gail is determined that Michael never know the truth and Andy has to be Gavin forever and she is really resentful of having been caught in the lie. Can't blame her. But when such a shock will do Michael in, it's a rock and hard place to be in, isn't it? Steph comes up with another glitch. Andy has been using Gavin's National Insurance number (something like using your Canadian Social Insurance Number) and once Gavin's death is registered, the government will wonder why a dead man is still getting paid. The only solution they can decide is to put Andy's number on the payroll records and hope nobody notices the name discrepancy. You may remember that's exactly how Mike Baldwin found out that Hayley Patterson was registered as Harold.

Anyway, Gail lies to Michael who catches her at the computer, saying she didn't get paid for all the hours she worked. She did get the change made. Even though she made him promise to keep quiet, he spilled the beans anyway and she feels even worse because it wasn't Leanne's mistake (with the wages) it was Nick's, or so he thinks and it seems he's upset because he thinks it's a brain-injury thing, just when he thought he'd pretty much got over it. More reason for Gail to feel guilty and angry with Steph and Andy! Steph has volunteered to take over the payroll so at least if there's any name issues, she can deal with it.

Perfect timing: Michael talking about not tempting fate while Gail sees Gavin's obituary in the newspaper. Ruining one newspaper and nicking the one in the cafe doesn't mean he won't find one in the cab office! Surely at least one person in the neighbourhood would have seen the paper and read the obituaries. But with Gavin's photo in the paper, I suppose they'll just assume it's a different guy with the same name. Nice touch having Andy refer to Michael as "me dad" like it's really true and Gail stopping him cold on it. Shows that Andy really feels comfortable in the role, like he's forgetting he's not really Michael's son.

Worse timing: The real Gavin's auntie Barbara comes to bring Michael the bad news about his son. Gail tries to put her off, saying Michael's in hospital again but guess what? Turns out Gavin had the same condition and died of a heart attack! Gail plied her with drink but panicked when Michael comes round the corner.

Add into this mix the arrival of a young blonde woman. Already she's spinning stories to cab drivers and to Andy who isn't really in the frame of mind to see through her lies. Recently arrived from Milan (any clues yet?) She was able to talk him into buying her a drink, many drinks. Sparky little minx, isn't she?

Sean was upset about Billy not wanting to go public at the church do. So what does he do? Take it out on Emily who had nothing to do with it. He reckoned she stayed away from the comedy night because she disapproved of Billy being gay when it was nothing about that at all. She just wasn't interested in a comedy night. Emily's cool, is Emily and I'll argue with anyone that says otherwise. Sean made a big mistake. Is this the end of he and Billy?

Sean and Billy are avoiding each other so Emily plays matchmaker. I do love Emily. She told the vicar to get over himself and sort it out! Which they do. You don't disobey Mrs. Bishop! But Billy is torn. He says he's committed to Sean but he can't tell the world. He has to think of his parish as well. Sean isn't about to be hidden away so we're at an impasse. Except they have feelings for each other and aren't willing to put them aside. It's not going to be easy, but Sean is willing to try and Billy is happy about that! Meanwhile, Em comes up with a new fund raising idea, something she saw on morning television, a butler auction! (i.e. you auction off your services for a day, to be someone else's butler, doing errands and such) Billy compromises and also suggests a "bring and buy" of which she approves.

So Anna did make a remark about Faye going to get her own music for the party. Even though that wasn't true, I wouldn't have blamed Faye! The music was so not what a 13 year old would like! The party was further interrupted when Chesney came to prove Katy right. Over his dead body is she taking Joseph away and he might be able to make a legal case for her not taking Joseph out of the country, too. Sounds like Katy might have to back down because of course, her family don't want her to go either.

Linda has gone back to Portugal without Katy who's really upset. She didn't feel she had any choice in the matter but to stay in Weatherfield so that Chesney wouldn't lose Jospeph. It's another rock and hard place thing though in this day and age of the internet, it wouldn't be nearly so bad as the old days. Still, Joseph is only little and Chesney is close to his lad. It's a hot topic for Ches, having grown up without a father. He doesn't want that for his boy. But Katy really resents not being able to start anew. She's been trying for ages. Turns out she was going to try to be a personal trainer but she was so preoccupied she missed her exam. That's something that was never mentioned, was it?

Her solution? Go out, get drunk. But don't buy your own drinks, oh no. She found Callum in the pub and made him buy them, which he did in spite of the fact that neither of them now likes the other. It's all very contrived. He manages to get her home before she falls over and Chesney, seeing her struggling agains Callum who's only trying to keep her upright, takes over. Of course, he pities Katy when she starts to moan and cry about all her poor choices and dead end future. Not that it might be any better in Portugal I suppose.

Meanwhile, Sinead is trying to stand on her own but it seems like since Chesney wasn't there to give her that little extra confidence boost, she couldn't quite manage it. At least it's realistic, and she's not lurching on her feet and making progress in great leaps and bounds like Peter Barlow did after the tram crash. Anyway, Beth gives Chesney an earful for not being there for Sinead. That makes him realize that Sinead has to be his priority at the moment and things can change so suddenly. He tells Katy she can go. Owen tries to persuade him against it but Chesney has decided. He can't hold Katy back and she assures him she'd never let him lose touch with Joseph. Owen doesn't approve but Katy's right when she points out that if he hadn't kept Linda away from her all those years, she wouldn't be leaving now.

Sinead is getting some good support from her Irish mate who knows what she's going through. But she's horrified at Chesney's news and feels he's using her as an excuse so that makes her feel guilty. Chesney assures her it's nothing to do with her but she's not having it. It's going to be really tough for Chesney to let him go. Sinead is so beside herself and really does think he's giving up Joseph because of her that she even talked Kirk into springing her out of the hospital but that didn't end well. The stupid woman tried to stand up on her own with nobody there to reach the tea and fell. Back to hospital in an ambulance this time. Fair enough, because she could have injured her back again when she fell but did they really need the siren?

So Katy is upset again because Beth points the finger at her. If she wasn't taking Joseph away, Sinead would have stayed put etc. Katy second guesses herself, because all her decisions have been rubbish. Well never mind. The actress wanted to leave the show so there's no chance Katy was going to stay in the end. Chesney seems to have convinced Sinead his decision is the right one but it's breaking his heart. Good old Roy stepped in and made sure Chesney said a proper goodbye to his son. There's Katy off in a cab. Why on earth nobody arranged for time off to go to the airport with them is beyond me.

Simon might not be a cute little kid anymore, but he still managed to win over Zeedan in the end by touching the nerve that's close to Zeedan's heart, his cool trainers, the care and upkeep thereof. Simon has been brought into the egg conspiracy but he gets caught and Sharif has figured it all out. Rjevenge is sweet. Sharif plays Kal and Zeedan like a fiddle, with a nod and a wink to keep Simon quiet. He persuades Kal and Zeedan to talk to the chickens, or read to them. Father and son realize they've been outed. But they're not happy that Sharif is now going to get rid of his beloved chickens. Oh wait! Turns out they're laying after all, elsewhere in the yard! They're sneaking out at night and getting laid! (so to speak!) And isn't it convenient that Sharif now has a supply of egg cartons? Roy seems suspicious of Sharif's motives and the allotment is going to be awarded.

Callum did bring Max back on time. But the solicitors have decided that mediation is a prudent way to settle the issue. David isn't so sure. Callum is bringing his mother to mediation. Callum's mother seems nice. Always good to bring respectable backup. I wonder if she has any idea what her son really does and if she thinks his time in prison was a miscarraige of justice! David has to really keep his temper and Gail advises him to speak from the heart. While they were talking, the mothers ended up getting on quite well. Callum really did pour out a lot of smooth talking. How Max has changed his life and all that. It really sounded like a line. David sure thought so and when Callum realized it wasn't going to be a one off open and shut case, with no decision forthcoming, he lost his temper with a little help from David so David probably scored a few points this time.

Lloyd still seems uncomfortable around Steve. Seems like their friendship has a deep fracture in it even if he pretends on the surface. Andrea and Michelle collaborated to get Steve and Lloyd out together but they knew what was going on and Steve backed out. Lloyd didn't try to talk him into going either. Steve's right, neither of them know how to fix things. The old cab office chair creaked early in the week and finally gave out. It must have been rigged. I have never seen a chair fall to pieces like that in my life! Maybe Steve can fix that at least!

Leanne and Simon get their flat back but Leanne invites Kal to move in! Oh Jenny's still around, I see. And she is coincidentally free to mind Jack for the day though she's reluctant. She didn't look too comfortable or confident. Is there more to it? Sophie's quite shirty with her even though she supposedly made peace with her father seeing Jenny. Even Rita acknowledges that Kevin can see who he wants. Eileen made a fatal mistake, going for a few drinks before her first date. She did get over her fit of temper about not going into the pub, though and she decided, and the blind date seemed to agree, they'd give it a bit more time before meeting. Fair enough.

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