Monday, 1 June 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for May 25 - 29

Kings of the World

Defeatist award: David is convinced he's going to lose Max, it's only a matter of time.

Troublemaker award: Bethany told Callum all of David's dirty secrets which then got used against him in court. Ooops.

Phrase of Doom award for Liz: "I do know how lucky I am" (and there it is, folks. It won't be long before her life falls apart!)

Prewedding jitters award: Steve couldn't face the bus ride to the stag do (why didn't he take the train?) and Michelle has a face like a wet weekend at her hen do.

Financial tangles award: So Tony bought Steve's share of the pub. Steve gets the money from Tony (Travis Ltd.) and gives it to Tony to repay the tax loan. Basically, Tony's bought half the pub for nothing so technically, wouldn't Steve still owe him that tax money? And Carla's buying Liz's share of the pub so she's now in partnership with Tony (Travis Ltd.). My brain hurts.

Wrong end of the stick award: Someone tried to fix Jason up with a fit ... bloke! Turns out that they were in a gay bar. (That was quite funny! Mr. Gay Weatherfield strikes again!)

Lines of the week:
Bethany "Where am I ever gonna find a decent role model in my life?" Nick "Shut up"
Tim "Comes to something when I have to be the sensible one, don't it?"
Michelle on her love life "It's a bit more like Horlick's these days than flaming Sambuccas"
Steve to the dog "Sorry, mate, man's best friend has just been trumped by a man's best fiancee"
Andrea "Can you see through walls?" Carla "No but I can get out of sports cars in 7 inch heels without showing my knickers"
Tyrone "You can't have a stag night with out a stag" Jason "Why not?" Tyrone "Cause then it's just a 'night'".
Tony "If we're going to do this, let's do it respectfully" (I don't think that's possible!)

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