Wednesday, 10 June 2015

State of the Street - May

Coronation Street in May certainly went out with a boom! The month was up and down, a bit frustrating for me at times but I think a few storylines are going to break this month so that will be something to look forward to.

Kept me watching: Jenny Bradley;Tracy and Tony's quest for pub domination; the fire; Billy and Sean.

Todd and his endless boring games. I think Todd is an interesting villain but I don't buy his motivation and I hate when he is forgiven over and over; Callum and David snarling at each other; Anna bullying Faye into trying to bond with the baby.

Now that Kylie's back, I'm looking forward to this endless custody battle kicking into high gear. I'm anxiously waiting to see how Jenny is going to fare after she cracks completely. I hope she's not going to be leaving, and that Kevin will help her recover. I think Michael is going to find out about Gavin/Andy so that will ramp that story up to the next chapter. I've been enjoying it all along.

I'm dreading the villification of Carla at Tracy's hands and with Deirdre's death imminent, that is going to be tough to watch yet I'm sure it will be beautifully written and handled.

Lots more detail here on State of the Street

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