Monday, 29 June 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards June 22 -26

Keystone Cops award: Luke, Kirk, Tyrone and Chesney.

Psychic award: Only Beth knew Brian was sniffing around. How did Mary know? Beth wasn't at the funeral or the Webster house after to tell her. Off screen I guess. 

Musical Ambiance: "You gotta have Faith" when Liz was talking about how she intends on handling Tony if he shows up.

"I Told You So" award: Sophie was just itching to say it and tried a few times. Ok, you were right. Did it help the situation any? No. 

Judgemental award: Guilty until proven innocent has long been a Corrie tradition. Carla's the latest recipient of it.

Ungrateful award: Alya moaned about having to take the meeting, reckons Carla is skiving. It's called having confidence in your trainee, luv. Grow up.

Too Good to be True award: Talisa. One week in and already I don't trust a thing she says or does.

Phrase of Doom award: Kevin telling Sophie he will never let anything bad happen to her and Jack again. *shudder*

Bromance award: Tim and Kevin. Love it!

Blinders award: Julie can't see the forest for the trees. Dev probably thinks Brian is the answer to his

Out of character award: Grief really has taken a toll on Alya.

Rebound award: Eva has only been gone 5 minutes and she's engaged to someone else?

Lines of the Week:
Tim to Sophie "You can read me like a book" Sophie "You're more like a pamphlet"
Emily about Norris "What a ridiculous statement" Rita "He's plenty more where that came from"
Sophie "To my Maddie. Funny and Fearless"
Liz "You're pining for Bistro Boy" Erica "It's a waste of time. He likes the cargo, not the container ship" (give it 5 minutes, love)
Julie "As if werewolves and vampires are going to tempt Dev to pop the question"
Gail about Kylie "She's like one of them Stepford Wives, aggressively cheerful"
Mary about Talisa "That vegetable bothering double jointed interloper"
Alya about Carla "While she's off feeling sorry for herself, I'm the one sorting everything else out" (Oh quit whining. At least Carla has confidence in you)
Kevin about Jack "You can see he's upset" (no, we can't)
Alya "Are you saying I can't hack it?" (you couldn't. But she did agree she overreacted)
Talisa to Luke about the lads wanting tshirts "Now look what you've started" (no, actually, *you* started it)
Alya: "In the end, life just kicks you in the teeth"

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Anonymous said...

Alya reminded me very much of the character Baby from Dirty Dancing with her kick in the teeth comment!!

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to realize that Kirk's actually a pretty good barometer. When he can't make sense of something, it's a good indication that it, in fact, doesn't make sense.

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