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Sunday Comments June 7

Tracy's world sure came crashing down with a great, big thud. She told Todd all and admitted she was using Tony to get the Rovers and Todd seems to be helping her plan her revenge in a smarter way than just going full on. That could be scary! But Tracy won't keep that head of steam under control for long. She starts out with an appetizer. She lays it all out for Liz, with offered evidence (dirty texts, descriptions of tattoos) until Liz clearly believes her and understands Tony's full betrayal. But Liz doesn't want to ruin Steve's day so she's trying to hold it together. Carla catches her looking shaky and she confesses it all to Carla but swears her to secrecy. Tracy is determined to make everyone pay, though, and Carla seems to be a bit unsure that is isn't a bluff.

Michelle did look lovely. Interesting vows they made! I love that they got the actor back that has played the registrar quite a few times! Nice continuity. They also used the same building they often use. And for a change, a wedding that goes off without a hitch! Probably because what came after was so show stopping! Liz managed to get Steve and Michelle out of town on a Spanish Holiday, too and I figure that's because she knew she'd be having it out with Tony. She also seemed to have hopes that people would lose interest in a reception without the bridal couple there. No dice. A party's a party.

Well, Liz has gone from heartbreak to flying crockery and rage and that's a good thing at this point. I bet Bev Callard had fun doing that scene, chucking the dishes around! I think she really played a blinder, excellent acting on her part this week.

Daddy Connor made a speech, heckled by his wife. And Tracy hung around the pub, probably so she could see what happened when Tony got back but I do think Carla got the better of her in the argument in the loos. Tracy always seems to end up whining about Rob and the aborted wedding and again, as her usual, never takes responsibility for her actions. It's always "poor me", and "they all did me wrong". So she sneaks into Carla's flat after lights out and even though she's probably got a shop full of flashlights, she doesn't bring anything with her and has to light a candle, a candle that's not burned down one touch even though Carla and Amy had it lit awhile back while they had their Belgian hot chocolate. Never mind. There was a distinct deja vu in the air as Tracy picked up a piece of sculpture, blunt and heavy but she heard the toilet flush and ran off.

Oh heck, the candle is sizzling under the lampshade and it's burst into flame. Tracy has no idea that Amy is in the flat! Talk about backfire!

Leanne has noticed a fire flickering but she doesn't live there anymore so she's not got keys but oh look, she remembered the door code and it hasn't changed since she lived there with Nick! Handy, that. Even so, the smoke alarm has already wakened Carla but she collapses again even though Leanne dragged her out. Nobody knows yet that Amy's in there! Amy reacted smartly, block the smoke under the door and keep low. I'm surprised Carla's bedroom doesn't have an en suite, Amy could get wet towels, too.

Leanne and Kal to the rescue! Will they save her? It looked pretty dire there for awhile, with them trapped in the flat! I think I'd have taken the chance and ran through the flames out the door. But who knows? And when Tracy came out, she looked interested and then somewhat satisfied until she heard Amy was trapped and then she freaked out. As you would. Karma's a bitch, isn't it, Trace?

Escape is possible, out on the balcony we go. Ladder, ladder, who's got a ladder. Um. Builder's yard 10 feet away, anyone? Where's Jason! Big heavy chain like that didn't hold Tim back for long! SuperTim to the rescue! But when the ladder went up, why didn't anyone go up after them, at least to get Amy down? She made it, though the flames are licking closer to a tank of propane.

Leanne's turn next and it looked like she must have known Kal wasn't going to make it. She stopped and said she'd marry him just before the propane tank blew. Exciting stuff. Had my heart pounding, I can tell you that. The builder's yard was next, nobody noticed it until some flammables went off like a rocket and ohmygod Maddie was in the line of fire, literally!!!! I can't quite work out what happened unless she hit her head when she fell or the blast caused internal injuries. Will she survive? They managed to get her pulse started again. We will have to wait until Monday to find out, gang.

The special effects team did a top job all around, don't you think?

In other news this week, Jenny finds out that Kevin is going to put Jack in a nursery to take the pressure off her and the next thing we see and hear is her on the phone using a fake name and making plans to go to Hull with "her son". Oh dear. Jenny is packing up Jack's things for her getaway. She does have to pick him up at Rita's so there's a bit of awkwardness there. Still, it took Jenny hours and hours to pack a small carry bag and it was past 11 and she still hadn't picked up Jack from Rita's. Was she going to do it wearing the black wig because it looked like it to me until Maddie walked in.

Maddy quickly got to the bottom of Jenny trying to run off. She realized it was Jack that Jenny wanted. Jenny is hysterical, saying thinks like she didn't kill "him" and mentioning the name Tom. But she's really lost touch with reality now and Maddie managed to get away and run out the back and the builder's yard explosion took her down. Jenny's safe for now but how long can she pretend everything is normal? She recovered quickly when she realized Maddie hadn't had a chance to tell on her and unless Maddie recovers, she's in the clear for awhile.

Kal announces that he's going to ask Leanne to marry him and finally, Zeedan admits he's come to like Leanne though feels like he's betraying his mother. Kal understands, of course he does and in the end, Zeedan gives his father his blessing. Awwww. Kal is a bundle of nerves trying to find the right time to propose and Leanne kept thwarting his plans and then he forgot to bring the ring with him. It's so nice to see Leanne so happy but it didn't last long. Kal died in the fire and now Zeedan, who had just managed to start to come around, is going to be blaming Leanne for his father's death. No surprise there.

Awww it broke David's heart to see Max go off with Callum. It wasn't the first time he'd taken the lad, though not overnight but I guess because it's sanctioned by the court, it must feel more "final". We know David feels like he's losing Max and I suppose this feels like the first step to that.

David, Michael and Andy are metaphorically running around confused but Gail's right. Michael shouldn't be anywhere near that fire due to the smoke and breathing problems he could have. And later on, why didn't they hear the fire trucks come whistling up? Poor little Max has questions that are really tough to answer.

What is it about weddings that gets Sally all worked up? they missed yet another wedding/reception! This is the third time they've rumpy pumpied during or before a wedding! It's practically a tradition! I so enjoy the Connor parents, glad they got the same actors back. They're so funny!

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