Friday, 5 June 2015

Karma and Tracy Barlow

One of the more enjoyable moments for me last night was watching Tracy's reaction to hearing about the fire. She looked curious, almost satisfied but that quickly turned to horror when she realised her daughter was trapped in the fire. Tracy Barlow might be one of the worst mothers on Coronation Street, but her one redeeming characteristic is that she does love her daughter and parents even if she's got a funny way of showing it at times.

I'm sure Tracy realises that she carelessly left a burning candle on a table and it could have been that which started the fire. She definitely knows she nearly took it upon herself to kill Carla. If the toilet hadn't flushed, would she have gone through with it? Perhaps not. But isn't Karma a... well, you know the expression.

As for Amy, this is the second time Tracy feared losing her child in a fire, you may recall. The first time was when Karen McDonald burned the car that was a bone of contention between she and Tracy. Karen took the car that had baby Amy strapped in the back though she didn't realise it at the time. When the car was later found burning, Tracy had pushed Karen too far and she was sure Karen had killed her daughter. She hadn't of course. She left Amy with Roy and Hayley but Tracy didn't know that. Now Tracy knows Amy really is in that burning building.

Will nearly losing her daughter after another obsessive vendetta change Tracy?

Time will tell. I don't want Tracy to turn into a saint, where would be the fun in that? It would be nice if she wasn't quite the panto villain she is now, though.

Well done to Elle Mulvaney on her performance last night and kudos to the writers that had Amy written as a smart, scared little kid blocking the smoke from the door and keeping down low, hoping someone would come to get her.

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Robin said...

I thought the fire scenes were great and well acted. But does no one else live in Victoria Court???? I only saw about 2 people evacuated and no one else seemed to appear when the fire alarm was pulled - oh well, that's TV for you :)

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