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Coronation Street's Top 10 Bad Girls

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog February 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In response to my blog post about Coronation Street's Top 10 villains, it was pointed out to me (and quite correctly too!) that I'd missed Tracy Barlow from the list.

Well, she deserves to be No. 1 on a list of her own. So here we go with my personal top 10 Corrie bad girls.  Is there anyone you think should be added? Leave a comment below!

1. Tracy Barlow
Drugged Roy and slept with him to win a 1p bet. Drove Roy Cropper to the edge of suicide. Lied that Steve's baby was Roy's. Sold her baby daughter to the CroppersKilled Charlie Stubbs. Ironed her own arms. Lied that Becky had pushed her down the stairs causing her to abort her twin babies. Set Victoria Court on fire, by accident, but, hey.  And there's more, much more. It's probably easier to say what evil deeds Tracy hasn't done than those she has.  Horrible inside and out and great fun to watch.

2. Tanya (evil cow) Pooley
Tanya Pooley was spiteful and nasty in a way that no other Corrie female has been since she appeared back in 1994.  Worked as Rovers barmaid, making a figure of fun out of the niave Raquel and having an affair with Des while he was courting Raquel. Once she ruined Des and Raquel's relationship she went after trucker Charlie Whelan, who was Bet Lynch's man, and finally ran off with him, leaving Bet devastated.  I'll never forgive her for that.

3. Theresa Bryant

Jerry Morton's ex-wife who turned up in 2008 and tried to get back with Jerry. She tried to poison Jerry by lacing his food with warfarin, mistreated her children Kayleigh and Finlay and conned Lloyd Mullaney into thinking Finlay was his son.  A drunken lush with a broken moral compass. Great fun.

4. Jenny Bradley
Jenny Bradley was Rita Fairclough's foster daughter and daughter of Alan Bradley who tried to kill Rita. Stood by her dad throughout and after his trial. Jenny tried to con Rita out of money but Rita threw her out. Returned to the Street after many years away and kidnapped Jack Webster.

5. Mad Maya 
Maya Sharma kidnapped Tyrone Dobbs's pet dog, Monica. Started dating Dev, took him out for dinner and driving back through country lanes threatened not to stop the car unless Dev proposed to her. When Dev announced he loved Sunita, Maya trashed his flat.  Ran an illegal immigrant scam using Sunita's birth certificate.  Burned down all of Dev's chain of shops in a series of explosions across Weatherfield and beyond. Interestingly, she's not dead. She was sent to prison and could well return.

6. Jackie Dobbs
Tyrone's errant mother. Stole money from Tyrone. Stole Tyrone and Molly's honeymoon tickets. Tyrone threw her out of his house for inviting men back for one night stands and threatening Molly. Assaulted a police officer, causing her to miss Molly's funeral. Stole knickers from Underworld. Squatted in Curly's house when she first turned up on the Street. When Curly demanded she move out, she poured water over his head.

7. Kylie Platt
Murdered Callum Logan.  Sold her baby Max to her sister Becky.  Drug problems include becoming addicted to Max's medication.
8. Anne Malone
Tried to kill Curly Watts when he spurned her advances of affection. Set out a vendetta to destroy Curly's life, involving putting WD-40 on his fish fingers!  Was killed by being accidentally locked inside the deep freeze at Freshco by the store security guard.

9. Megan Hopkins

'Granny' Megan Hopkins was a Welsh dragon with a bitter tongue but much more evil than the usual battleaxe. Blackmailed Gordon Clegg when she found out that his real mother was Betty Turpin.

10.  Carmel Finnan

Unstable Irishwoman who lusted after Martin Platt (which is a crime in itself, surely?). Told people that David Platt was her son (ditto) and tried to snatch David. Got into bed with Martin when he came home drunk and she was babysitting Gail and Martin's kids. Lied that she was pregnant with Martin's baby.

Are there any more wild women of Weatherfield you would add to this list of bad girls?

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Daithi_c said...

Murdered Callum Logan.
Technically, that was justifiable homicide,
since she was saving Sarah's life while Callum
was trying to kill/severely injure her.
Also perhaps causing an indignity to a body
when they hid him in the drain.
But she was guilty of the other items.

Tvor said...

Yes, technically it wasn't murder, it was manslaughter and definitely defensive/justifiable but I think the tampering with the body was more the illegal bit she could get sent to prison for. And really, for someone to be "bad", I don't think they have to be guilty of anything illegal. They can just be out and out nasty and manipulative and overall cause a lot of trouble!

Jacqui said...

We can't leave out Ruby's mom, Kirsty! She was horrible.

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