Monday, 21 March 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 14 - 18

Fashionista award: Mary looked fab! Liz's red patent leather boots were a nice touch.

Musical ambience: Erica, Liz and Mary quoting Barry White with Al Green's Let's Get Together on the jukebox in the background. Superb.

Cold Blooded award: Steph. Can't stand the cold. I know how she feels!

Hyacinth Bucket award: Karen, sorry, Kareen who owns a garden centre and was very snobby and condescending.

The Morning After Award: Dev wasn't exactly all loved up and fretted that Erica might expect more of him than he's ready to offer. Be honest, Eileen advises and she's right.

Double Whammy: Eva got sacked and dumped!

Prodigal Son: I'd forgotten that Todd hasn't moved back home after his latest bout of forgiveness, he's always at Number 11.

Debate Venue fail: Crowded into a cafe? Really? Isn't this sort of thing why they invented Community Centres? I.E. RIGHT NEXT DOOR, PEOPLE!

Lines of the Week:
Liz about Mary "When it comes to heartache, she is a novice"
Mary, after a group Barry White quote "Lying Beep-Beep" (aw, I do feel bad for her)
Tracy "I don't know whether to stand here and gloat or go home and gloat"
Mary Mother used to say one drink I'd be under the table and two drinks I'd be under the barman! Chance would be a fine thing" (hahaha)
Steph to Andy "You're worse than Luke. He makes out it's not cold when it's lit'rally Arctic" (I feel for you, luv)
Gail "Yoko Ono didn't have anything to do with The Beatles but it didn't stop her sticking her oar in"
Robert to Tracy "Go home and stay there!"
Gail about Suzie Birchall "She tried to nick me husband!" Kylie "Which one?"
Steph to Andy "You have got a great bum" Andy "You're objectifying me!" Steph "Yeah" Andy "Stop it!" (but he didn't mind, not really)
Sally "It's too bad Norris doesn't have any family. It must distance him from the voters" Rita "Oh it isn't that that distances him, it's his abrasive manner"
Tim "I had a sprained ankle, spent the night in a cell, and I didn't even get a kiss!"
Todd to Bethany about mothers "No matter how horrible we are, they always forgive us"
Sally "I know how I'm going to win this election" Tim "What? Bribery, and corruptions and free pies for everyone?"
Sally "What's the point of having an opinion on something that's probably not going to happen?"
Tim "If you sit on a fence, you get your head carved into a mountain?"
Norris "You're just getting hung up on the wording" Rita "Oh, that's where we're going wrong is it? We're getting hung up on the wording!" Jenny "And there was us thinking we were getting hung up on the facts"

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