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Top 5 drugs storylines on Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog February 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

With poor Izzy gettng ripped off and roughed up at the Blue Ghost in her search for drugs, let's have a look at my personal favourite top five Coronation Street's other storylines involving drugs.

1. Izzy and the cannabis

An interesting storyline showing cannabis being used for pain relief as opposed to..

2. Getting high in Roy's Rolls

Back in 2003 Vera cooked some cakes with cannabis after she was given some 'special herbs' by Maz at the allotment.  She unwittingly served up hash cakes in Roy's Rolls and this ended up being quite a merry scene with Rita, Roy, Norris and Emily high on space cakes.  Sadly, this scene has been removed from YouTube.

And of course, Emily is no stranger to cannabis either, allowing her nephew Spider to smoke his 'special cigarettes' in her house.

And Rita found Dennis high a kite in The Kabin after eating "special brownies".

3. David and the ecstasy tablets

David hid a stash of ecstasy tablets inside the head of one of Bethany's dolls. She finds the doll, eats a tablet and ends up in hospital. And speaking of ecstasy...

4. Tracy and the ecstasy

I couldn't find a picture of Tracy Barlow in 1995 in her hospital bed (played then by Dawn Acton), so here's the next best thing.  Samir donated his kidney to save Tracy's life, but ended up being killed after an attack by the canal.

5. Leanne becomes Jez Quigley's bitch

Jez started to sell cocaine from the Rovers Return and roped in Leanne too.

Any more major drugs storylines you've enjoyed over the years watching Corrie?

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