Monday, 7 March 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Feb 29 - March 4

Trophe Babe award: Tim.

Catwalk fail: Sinead modeled the lingerie. In a grotty factory with a few pieces of fabric draped behind her. And her hair...done up like a baby doll or something. She looked like she was trying to appear about 13 years old or something. Is that the look you want when modelling lingerie for women? Maybe I'm just getting old.

Musical ambience: Sally entering the pub to the lyric "Thunder only happens when it's raining." (Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, though it's appropriate for her ambitions, I think)

Rude Girl award: Sophie. Izzy was waiting to see Gary at the gym. Sophie barged in and even when told Izzy was there first, continued with her own agenda.

Love Lightning Bold award: Zeedan. Instantly struck by Cupid's arrow when Rana rocked up!

Cloud Cuckoo Land: Anna. Wouldn't it have been easier, even if difficult, just to TELL KEVIN THE TRUTH? Going postal and causing carnage and not expecting your daughter to hear about it was delusional, as well.

Make it stop award: Carla. Tracy. Vendetta. Done like dinner. Why doesn't Carla just tell Robert she's being blackmailed by Tracy? That would stop Tracy in her tracks.

No Boyfriend Points for you: Andy. He forgot to book he and Steph off for the night of her 21st birthday and gave her a kettle as a present. Because her old one leaks.

Sleeping with the enemy award: Tim and Norris!

Lines of the week:
David, on seeing Anna go mad with the sledgehammer "Well that takes me back" (the only saving grace in that whole scene!)
Michelle to the harpist "Do you have transportation for that? A roadie?" Robert "A harpy, surely"
Tracy to Carla "Why do you always interfere in my life" (Irony award?)
Chesney "If it turns out that me girlfriend's turning in to a supermodel, I'll just have to live with that" (bragging rights!)
Carla "Either I tell Nick or Tracy does" (then TELL him!!!)
Sally to Tim "Smile and taste the flippin' soup!"
Carla "Enjoy your pow wow" Michelle "I've never had one before. Does it hurt?"
Cathy "I don't like brazen. It's unbecoming"
Sally "I need you to meet me at Streetcars and wear a nice shirt" Tim "Why, where're we going?" Sally "All the way to the top, Timothy, all the way to the top!"
Norris about Sally "She thinks she's Erin Brockovich when she's got all the grace of Ann Widdicombe
David "If you dig your heels in now, is she going to start feeling trapped? (Good point) Is that how you want to start married life?" (No, I think starting married life on a lie is much better, don't you? Of course, Nick doesn't know that yet)
Nick "Nothing's going to happen straightaway" (with the speed of real estate deals in Weatherfield, you couldn't guarantee that one)
Rana "I'm a nurse, not a maid" (well, nurses do a lot of chores besides nurse patients, right?)
Rita to Norris "Only you could take the fun out of a biscuit"

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Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake Carla tell Robert what Tracy is playing at and end this nightmare of a storyline! I can't believe Carla is putting up with Tracy's manipulation she is a lot smarter and streetwise than that! I absolutely hate what the writers have done to her character! I can't see Carla and Nick having a future together there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all.
Gail is a server in Nick's bistro? Why? Is Nick that hard up for staff? Her sour face would put the customer's off their food. If Robert and Tracy are successful in obtaining the restaurant I'm sure she'd be the first to go.

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