Monday, 14 March 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards March 7 - 11

Iron Women award: Yasmeen and Audrey seem to be enjoying the gym rigors but Gail's struggling.

Back of the Net award: Andy really had Steph believing he was a rubbish boyfriend but he pulled off a lovely surprise with Nick's help.

Boy Scout award: "Be Prepared", right? Do all dealers have handy pre-wrapped oregano in their pockets just in case they encounter a naive newbie? Seemed odd to me.

Eggs in One Basket award: Aidan might end up with just the one client if he keeps alienating the long time clients to pander to O'Driscolls. Not always a good idea to bet it all on one horse.

Oblivious award: Gail was struggling with the cross trainer machine. Turns out Yasmeen turned the level up higher on it. Wouldn't you think Gail would have noticed or checked it if it was that difficult, or at least asked Gary or someone? Nope.

Witchy Woman award: Tracy. At least she is self-aware!

Lines of the week:
Anna to Kevin "What more do you want" (the truth. please. Before i stick a fork in my eye)
Gail about the Connors "It's that family. it's one crisis after another" Nick "whereas we, we live in Sunshine Valley, happy faces all day long!"
Sally "Are you trying to wind me up?" Norris "You don't need much help with that, do you?" (But he's such an insinuating little troll, is Norris)
Anna about Shirley McLain "She's someone's sister. Someone famous" (Warren Beatty)
Tracy to Carla "You've become my bitch, Babe. Always knew you had it in you" (and Carla actually let her walk away! Please let this be a wakeup for Carla!)
Carla "We are relying entirely on grafting" Michelle "And blagging" Carla "and booze. You know, Kate, you really need to fake it to feel it."
Yasmeen "If I'd known people would pay to get shouted at, I'd have charged my family all these years"
Sarah to Bethany "You are the brightest girl in our family, not that that's setting the bar very high"
Dev "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Erica "No, but where Mary leads, the rest of us must follow"
Mary "I can assure you I'm not quite the maneater people think. Or am I? (grrr)"

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