Monday, 28 March 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for March 21 - 25

Garden gnome win: Hells Angel garden gnomes at Freddie's place! Awesome!

Support of a good man award: I love how Tim is so supportive of Sally!

Musical Ambiance: These Boots Were Made For Walking when Rana was schmoozing the Nazir men.

Fashionista award: The J-Wave aka the ski jump.

Crusader award: The terrible trio (Aidan, Billy and Eva) went in with metaphorical guns blazing and ended up losing Marta to the enemy.
 Sarah went out with all guns blazing to tell Lauren and her mother a thing or two. But I doubt we've seen the end of it just yet.

Foot in mouth award: Rana suggesting that Alya share a flat in the building where her dad died. Ooops.

Witchy Woman award: I'm pretty sure Alya told Rana about Jason and likely pointed him out to her. So Rana using Jason to get under Zeedan's skin was a top class manipulative move in my books.

Frying pan into the fire: Audrey went from that dozy Josh as a trainee to Gemma whose name is really Gemini!!! How awesome is that? I love Gemma! She'll keep them on their toes!

Employee from Hell: Gemma! (but what a laugh!)

Husband points: Freddie said that it was his life's worth to make his wife happy.

Lines of the week:
Andy to Michael "Who do you think you are, the fall guy?" (oh, clever)
Tim to Sally "If you pull out now it won't be Norris that you're letting win, it'll be Jenny!" (them's fighting words!)
Audrey "There's change and then there's anarchy"
Eileen "Name one thing less attractive than a clingy man. I'll tell you. A clingy man on crutches" (He wouldn't be clingy if you didn't give him good reason to be)
Eva "Your Tim's got two businesses, talk about world domination!" Sally "The harder you work, the luckier you get"
Phelan about politicians "Hands like silk. Hearts like swinging bricks"
Alya to Rana "I've told you this in confidence so don't go broadcasting it" (But the whole Street knows already, don't they? Or most of them)
Sally "Hello Norris. Still making friends and influencing people I see" Tim "We're here for a pint, not a punch up"
Gail "Excuse me! I am not moving in on him. Besides, If I wait a day or two, he might meet somebody else!" Audrey "Gail, you might need to brace yourself for this one. He really isn't that much of a catch" (heh)
Sally "A nomination is a favour. A vote is a choice!"
Gemma "I can't be doing with tops with slogans on them. People are so busy trying to read'em, they don't listen to what you're saying" David "Sometimes that's a blessing"
(Norris passing out chocolates) Sally "You can't do that!" Sean "Oh give over, as if I'm going to be swayed by a finger of fudge!"

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Daithi_c said...

Tim also deserves the
Excuse my spouse
award for constantly
having to make amends
when Sally puts yet another
foot in her mouth
(hasn't she run out of them by now?)

Daithi_c said...

Gemma IS a great gobby breath of fresh air
without that dimwit Callum.
She's a great employee/enforcer for the kebab/donair
Hope she gets to stay on the show.

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