Thursday, 4 May 2017

Could Mrs Kitchen be the new Corrie battleaxe?

With apologies for the dreadful picture I took on my phone from the TV!
I'm liking Mrs Kitchen, the older lady who turned up in Coronation Street last night. 

Could she have the potential to be the new battleaxe?  Corrie producer Kate Oates has already said that a battleaxe is what the street is missing right now.

Mrs Kitchen was played by actor Pauline Jefferson, who is no stranger to Coronation Street.  She's been in the show four times before as different characters:

With thanks to Corriepedia and we know that she played:
  • A woman who spoke to Deirdre Langton after daughter Tracy had gone missing following the Rovers' lorry crash in March 197
  • The Landlady at 6 Chepstow Road where Ken Barlow moved into digs during May 1990
  • Dorothy Cudlip, a viewer of 3 Coronation Street in July 1991 when Emily Bishop put the house on the market
  • Weatherfield Gazette romance serial writer Hermione Fairfax in August 2002.
Her other credits include roles in City 68', Crown Court, Children's Ward, Cold Feet, Emmerdale, Where the Heart Is, Hollyoaks, DCI Banks, Secrets and Words, Give Out Girls and Happy Valley. On stage she has appeared in productions of Box and Cox, The Bells, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Billy Liar.

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