Monday, 17 February 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Feb. 10 - 14

The Perfect Duet award: Roy and Hayley.

Pants on Fire award: Tim pretending he'd not been beaten up by a girl.

Stew in your own juices award: Nick is sour, surly and morose. A little ray of sunshine these days. (#sarcasm...yes, I used the dreaded hashtag! That's how annoyed he makes me!)

Mother-in-law from hell: Gail of course. Blaming Leanne for upsetting her baby and making sure she knew it. Blaming Leanne for making Nick move back home and away from his mummy too.

Mother from Hell: Tracy of course. Had to bribe her kid to come back home. Has she turned over a new leaf? I hesitate to think so.

Deja Vu award: The stuffed marrow recipe is mentioned again. I love those little touches!

Gourmet award: Tomato soup, tuna and peas all mixed together. Could that start a new trend? It's just awful enough to do it.

Sean 1, Tim 0:  Even Sean knows you don't agree with your girlfriend when she says she thinks she needs to get fit. Leanne knew the spiel down by heart.

Pall bearing: Nice that Sean was included. Beth, though? I guess they wanted all stitchers aside from Carla but I would have preferred to see Chesney as a pallbearer rather than Beth.

Shreiking Harpy award: Michelle and the Catering Fail award: She picked up food from the floor and put it back on the plate!!!

Miss Cellophane award: Sophie was pretty easy to figure out, trying to get info on Maddy under the pretence of an interview for the newsletter.

Funeral stylin: Carla wore red as did Rita and a few others. Tim wore a green football shirt. Mary wore a Flamenco dress. Lots of bright umbrellas, too. Anna and Julie wore pink. Norris' tie was jazzy. And even the coffin had a garden of colours on it.

Contrived award: In no way would I believe that Maddie would suddenly kiss Sophie after that argument.

Lines of the week:
Gail "That Beth is from the bottom of the gene pool!"
Mary "No evil stepmother for Amy" (she doesn't need one, she's got the original!)
Tracy to Deirdre "I thought mothers were meant to supply sympathy" Deirdre "Yes, you're right. And you'd do well to remember that!" (Deirdre 1 Tracy 0 as usual)
Nick to Gail "Go buy a kitten instead!" Gail "I'm allergic to cats" Nick "Well I'm allergic to you!" (oh that's mature)
Stella to Dev's faux pas "I've never been so grateful to be unsexy in my whole life!" (ouch)
Tracy about Amy "She saw me coming" Steve "It's a miracle she sees you at all"
Deirdre "You can make all the excuses you like. But remember, you only get one crack at this"
Michelle to Steve "You are the laziest, most cowardly man I have ever met" Steve "And I'm not disputing that."
Norris "I'm not shuffling off like a piece of flatpack furniture"
Fiz about Hayley "She understood what it was like to be yourself" (and those were the words, I think, that made Roy see the light and let go of some of the anger)

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