Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Comments February 9

Well, it's tomorrow. Hayley looks dreadful. Good makeup job, ITV! She really looks ill and I've read that Julie H. actually did a crash diet to lose weight for the storyline to make it look better. Anyway, she's intent on seeing Fiz and the kiddies today and gets a bonus visit from Rita as well. She gets really emotional with the children after a short while so pretends she's tired. Poor Roy knows why, knows it's the last time she'll see them. Even Anna can sense something's up. Upstairs, after a little sleep brought on by the pain meds, they sit together and it's obvious Roy knows what's coming though tries to deny it or put it off and when he can't, he starts to break down. Oh gosh.

And later, Hayley watches life go on outside her window. Roy has gone out to the Kabin and Hayley decides to iron a shirt for him to wear at the funeral even though it's a struggle for her. The last thing she can do for him, I guess. The last thing she can do for someone else is a few birthday cards but it's more difficult than she thought.

As irritating as Norris is, even he can be concerned now and then. I liked that he finally noticed that Roy was not himself. Roy watched life going on as well as Sinead moved in with Chesney, all loved up. Looked like Roy didn't want to go back home and he certainly didn't want to deal with Gloria's complaints. Carla could sense something was wrong as well. Roy was bound to try one last time to keep her with him a little while longer. There are no words really to describe these last few scenes. They were full of love, dignity, pain and grief. Perfection from David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh. Anna and Carla have tears streaming down their faces. Anna immediately rinses out the glass Hayley used and Carla didn't click in straight away why Anna washed the glass I don't think. The doctor didn't suspect anything. Roy didn't say too much during the whole episode after she died but you know, it's a testament to David Nielson's acting that he didn't need to.

I liked that the pub was filled with people talking everyday things when Anna came in to find Fiz, contrasting life and death nicely. Also a lovely touch when Sean turned off the jukebox. The news spread quickly and most people were very cut up. Hayley touched so many lives. I think Norris was really a lot more upset than you might have expected. Even Tracy kept it low key and seemed to realize that her mother needed comfort.

Roy is left alone in the flat with childrens' birthday cards and Hayley's empty anorak. Everyone is reeling. Carla and Peter were really good with the factory workers. Roy can't stop keeping himself busy. Roy's the kind of person that takes comfort in order and normalcy and clinging to that is what's getting him through this though nobody else seems to recognize that. The more people fuss over him, the more his frustration mounts. You know he's holding on to the anger at Hayley deciding to end her own life, too. You could hear it when he says that Hayley planned it the way she wanted and made all the decisions. You could hear it when he told Anna he should have stopped her.

You know they all want to help, you know he doesn't think he needs it but he does, at least in some areas. And Anna does know the secret and she does know he must be feeling even worse than most who have lost their partner.

Sinead and Chesney get the wrong ends of the stick but Hayley tells Chesney to take a chance and he manages to get out the question he'd been trying to ask since that morning. Will Sinead move in with him? Yay! She will!

Beth sure knows the way to Sinead's conscience. I'm sure Beth and Kirk aren't as desperate as she says. She must be on benefits? Or would she get benefits if she was sacked? She wants to move in with Chesney and Sinead. Where are they going to put them all? It's only a two bedroom house. Two couples and a growing teenage boy and somewhere for Joseph to sleep when he stays over... sardines? But look! Chesney reckons he and his family leaned on others so if he's in the position to give something back, he should. You never would have thought he'd have grown up so well with his background and it's nice to see that there's at least one kid that doesn't end up being a mess. I do hope they're going to charge rent!

Leanne and Stella are still walking on eggshells and the atmosphere in the Bistro is thick. Meanwhile, Gloria and Dennis are planning another gig, much to Rita's disgust. Nick was so nice to Leanne but she can't bring herself to get intimate with him.

Nick is lost in thought and Leanne's walking on eggshells. He later took out his frustrations in running and pushing himself and Kal in competition. Didn't work. He fell, they fussed over him and he lost it again. Poor lad, really is having trouble managing. Leanne is stressed, Simon is unhappy, his life is a mess. Nick doesn't half pick his moments trying to talk seriously to Leanne while she's so busy. When they finally spoke, he can see the truth and made her see it. It's over. There's nothing there, not in his view. He can't see a way forward. He can't go on hurting her and he doesn't think he's getting better. Ever. He's insisting on a break up even though she doesn't want it. Secretly, though, I think she's relieved even though she's hurt terribly and feels guilty she couldn't see it through.

Maddy's a little piece of work isn't she? Stole Sally's bag and now wants 50 pounds to return the watch and Sophie is going to do it. Sophie has to find a way to get her mother's watch from Maddie. Advice from Katy and Steph doesn't seem to help. No money no watch, no watch no money, it's a Mexican standoff but Sophie won in the end. Too right. Maddie doesn't have a leg to stand on. She stole it, she shouldn't be rewarded for giving it back but now Maddy knows where Sophie lives. And while the cat's asleep, the mouse will break in and rob the place, or try. Tim stopped her and she cracked him across the nose but she didn't get teh watch. But naturally, he's not going to admit he was beaten up by a girl.

Gloria isn't much help at the Bistro, too involved in her new venture with Dennis, managing a band. Norris sticking his nose in isn't helping. And Rita whining about feeling left out? If she was a bit more supportive and kind, it might be different. Dennis admits he feels a bit left out between Rita and Norris. I think David and Kylie are winding up Gail about a shed. Fun though. She gets sucked in every time! I'm kind of surprised Nick did go home, considering the bad feelings between he and David. Maybe with Nick moving back in, though, a shed might not be such a bad idea. That's another house that's going to need elastic walls.

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Anonymous said...

No flies on Carla -- except when it comes to Peter and Tina. She rather pointedly asked Anna if there was any more washing to be done -- as in what else do we have to clear away so no one knows Hayley killed herself? I could not get over David Neilson's acting. He wasn't crying tears. Buckets were coming out of his eyes!

Tvor said...

It was a performance to be reckoned with, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

The thing that has annoyed me about this storyline, because it seems implausible, is that neither Nick nor Leanne has been to see anyone about Nick's condition since he left hospital. I remember reading, back when Nick's head injury first happened, an interview with a doctor who was acting as a consultant, to make sure they got the facts of the injury and recovery correct. The doctor worked at England's primary hospital that handles neurological cases. Does this mean that there is no follow up, with therapy and counselling in such cases? If so, it seems to be an appalling hole in the health care system.

Tvor said...

Nah, just appalling followup in the writing.

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