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Sunday Comments - February 23

It's amazing to me that someone who's living on the streets can afford a mobile phone yet Maddie seems to have one. Or does she? Sally is highly disapproving of Sophie wanting to help Maddie but she does want to help, this was even before Maddie kissed her but now she's even more intrigued. She admitted she didn't mind but Maddie has her off kilter. Did she kiss her for a the heck of it or for more? Maddie isn't saying. Sally scared Maddie off so Sophie and Sally followed her home where her mother freaked out. Looks like her mother's grip on reality is a bit tenuous which is probably why the little boy was taken into care. Maddie must be over 18. It's a different side of Maddie we see now, being protective of her brother.

That's all the ammunition Sally needs but Sophie feels even more sympathetic and there's more there than just wanting to help, you can see that. Tim wasn't happy to see Maddie. Maddy? Take your coat off at the table. Sally, don't ask so many personal questions. Sally and Sophie both scared Maddie off. Tim's admitted that it was Maddy that attacked him and Sophie wants to help Maddie. Looks like Sophie and Tim are getting on a bit better, at least, partners in secrets I guess. Even Tim can see Sophie fancies Maddie and Sophie admitted it.

Continuity stuff up? Maddie sent Sophie a text, and Sophie recognized the number. Later, Maddie borrowed Sophie's phone to call about her brother, not saying her own phone was missing, left behind or out of top-up.

Tina is back, temporarily she says but Peter is smirking already and by the end of the week, she was still hanging around. Meanwhile, Norris has overheard the best gossip so far this year and uses it to his advantage and tells Tracy all about it. Mary's right, he's stirred up a hornet's nest by riling Tracyluv. Once Tracy is over this hump, she's going to turn her daggers to Norris. It's hurt her a lot and Rob lied to Tracy's face about it but she can hear the ring of truth, I think and she tricked Tina into admitting it. One lie breeds more and you can't like to a professional liar. Rob protesting that Tina was the one who started the kiss when I recall it was pretty much mutual doesn't play with Tracy. One Strike and you're out.

Oh I really loved Mary telling Norris the hard truths. I also laughed at Deirdre's less than sympathetic response to Tracy's heartbreak over Rob's betrayal but she actually defended Rob, at least as far thinking Tracy could forgive Rob this indiscretion as it wasn't all that awful. There really is a lot at stake considering the business. Peter reckons grovelling will work. He did a good job of it. He even seemed sincere. She wasn't having it and he had to sleep at Peter and Carla's, in Simon's room.

Peter's all of a sudden concerned that Tracy and Rob should make up and we know why. And Peter's not so happy that Carla intends on playing matchmaker. And we know why. The matchmaking meeting went as expected. Peter smirking at Tina who was pretending to flirt with a bemused Rob in front of a hopeful Carla. Tracy's had a think about how to make him sweat but Deirdre reckons if she isn't careful, Rob will find someone else.

Have another think, Tracy, and she was nearly ready to back down but finding him at the Bistro with Tina, now she's gonna make him pay, no worries. He really wants Tracy back and she wants him back too but she's put a load of his stuff on sale on the shop. Revenge. Is she determined not to have him back or just determined to make him squirm for a bit? If the latter, she could lose him altogether and it's ironic that Tina told her the same things Deirdre did but it made more of an impression. It's a matter of pride, too.

Carla does have Peter's number in that she knows he can't just be friends with a woman, and Michelle is only his friend because he dated her in the past. And another phrase of doom, her pointing out the wronged woman is always the last to know. Peter couldn't have squirmed more.

Dev and Kal seem to be polar opposites when it comes to opinions on running and operation and building a business. Looks like Jason is going to get a crack at the premises renovationsTony's sticking his nose in as well. I'm not sure that's a good idea because I still don't trust him but he was right to keep Jason from giving Dev a general figure. Not the best way to do business. Lots of gossip in the salon. Audrey reckons it's not worth having someone if you can't trust them and Maria uttered the phrase of doom, it's all about trust with her and Marcus. Cue the doom music.

Steve's attitude about giving out Andrea's number could very well come across as jealousy but I think he was right not to do it with out her permission even if it was Lloyd who wanted it. Still not quite sure if he fancies Andrea or she fancies him, or both. And with the misery that is Michelle these days, I wouldn't be surprised. Still, Andrea found out courtesy of Todd and it turns out she wouldn't mind going out with Lloyd in the least, much to Eileen's delight. Steve admitted to Andrea she could go out with whoever she liked. Why did it look like she wasn't really going out with the one she *really* wanted to go out with?

Michelle is getting suspicious but then again, she never stopped being suspicious of Steve's feelings about Andrea. He *is* acting jealous that Andrea's going out with Lloyd. I think Andrea and Lloyd could get on quite well together. Eileen doesn't trust Andrea, either. It's not about Steve and I think Michelle feels the same. She trusts Steve but not Andrea. Andrea didn't waste any time jumping Lloyd's bones, though and Steve wasn't happy about it, partly because he feels kind of left out.

Michelle made him admit he was jealous, pretending she was only angry because he lied but she was more upset he was jealous! It deteriorated into Michelle stalking off to Carla and Peter's for a rant and then making Steve sleep on the sofa. It looked very much that Andrea was quite pleased to find out Steve and Michelle got into a row over her seeing Lloyd. She very nearly did tell him that she would have preferred him but he stopped it cold. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Owen's happily busy gathering sub contractors and equipment.Anna is still afraid it's too good to be true. I really don't trust Pat Phelan. Gary's right. He was a lying cheater and now they're all best buddies? Doesn't wash. But Phelan thought it was a good joke that he decided not to transfer the money to Owen straight away. Not funny. Phelan is just too slick, isn't he? I would assume that Owen has a written and signed contract with Mrs. Phelan since she's the non-bankrupty person so why didn't he go after her for the money? Not that she'd bend, either.

I wouldn't spend a penny until i had all the money. Anna decides to stick her nose in and interfere, and what did it get her? It got her chatted up. Owen said the money was transferred yesterday, just didn't show up online. But he had been on to the bank by phone several times during the day. Why didn't they say the money was there and not online then? And Anna going to see Phelan to apologize? That seemed so contrived, naive at the very least. Why didn't she just ring him? Why didn't she just leave when he started to flirt right at the start? It's going to come back to bite her.

She thinks she's just smoothed things over but I think he thinks she's letting him know she's available, regardless of what she said. Phelan didn't waste any time making excuses to get close to Anna, finding excuses to run his hands over her, even right under his wife's nose. What a creep! She told Izzy and once the secret has been told, there's always a way of it getting out.

Dennis and Gloria are back in the thick of gigging. At least Dennis is trying to include Rita, reluctant though she is. Gloria's enjoying Rita's discomfort, probably keeping her hand in winding her up. If Dennis is having trouble finding an address, ask one of the cabbies! Stella can see that both Dennis and Ritchie have a crush on Gloria and she's lapping it up. Dennis didn't look too happy that Gloria swanned off with Ritchie after the gig.

Everyone thinks Roy has gone to see his mother and auntie but there's been no word from him at all apart from that one note.

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