Monday, 10 February 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Feb. 3 - 7

Perfect Present award: Roy bought Hayley a model of the pump car from the wedding day.

Performance Perfection award: Not only was Julie Hesmondhalgh's goodbye scenes superb, but David Neilson's performances the whole week were unsurpassable.

Tribute award: The workers decorated Hayley's machine with lace and pretty things. Nice.

Futile award: It's so difficult for Nick and Leanne and he's right, they really did try but it seems futile at this point.

Pay it Forward award: Chesney reckons it's time to give back after relying on others to help him all his life. Bless.

Ninja Award: Tim went from sleeping to quicker than a ninja grabbing Maddie's hand.

Decorating WTF? award: That lampshade of Nick and Leanne's is creepy. It's watching you!

Lines of the Week:
Gloria: "Suppress a man's passion and it just might pop up somewhere else." Rita "If anything pops up, I'll give it a whack with me handbag"
Anna to Gloria: "But I shouldn't push it because you'll be getting another gesture and it won't have anything to do with good will"
Roy: "There's still joy to be had! Why turn your back on it?" (gulp)
Roy: "Goodnight.. my love"
Katy about Joseph: "He was that loud I thought he'd wake the dead" (oops, but then, life goes on)
Dennis to Norris: "You have got the wrong end of the stick so many times, you wouldn't know the right end if I poked you in the eye with it"
Leanne: "Why should I feel better because someone else is in more pain?"
Roy: "I should have stopped her!"

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