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The return of Weatherfield County FC

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog January 2013, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Was I the only Coronation Street fan cheering on Friday night when the Weatherfield County football top made its re-appearance?  We haven't seen one for years! 

Tim wore his Weatherfield County footy top to Hayley's funeral as his "splash of colour".  Or was it Kev's shirt he found in the back of Sally's wardrobe?

Weatherfield County FC is Weatherfield's principal football team, referred to as playing in the Nationwide Conference in the English non-league. The team has appeared in Coronation Street scripts since 1961 when David Barlow was a player.

Cockney bookie and Weatherfield bad lad Dave Smith owned the football club in the 70s and he also had a bit of a thing for Blanche Hunt.  Ken Barlow's brother David used to play for the team in the 60s until he was injured and couldn't play any more.

Warren Baldwin was signed for the team in 2004. The picture above shows Sarah-Lou and Candice heading off to watch Warren play a match. Sarah-Lou is sporting the green and white Weatherfield County football hat. Warren's girlfriend Candice Stowe becoming the Street's first WAG before she swapped WAGs for wigs and went off on tour as a hairdresser to Status Quo.

Here's Warren with the Baldwin clan looking on at a Weatherfield County match in Corrie.

 And Warren's dad Danny sporting his Weatherfield County scarf.

In the 90s, Racquel Wolstenhulme went out with Weatherfield County press secretary Gordon Blinkhorn and then through him she met and started dating striker Wayne Farrell.

And in 2005 Martin Platt became the football club mascot, dressing up as a rooster. He got himself into a race against a rival team's mascot, dressed as a fox and they raced against each other. The fox pulled Martin’s tail feathers and he stumbled and fell, leaving the cheating fox to win the race.  However, once Martin found out who was in the fox fancy dress, a woman called Robyn, romance blossomed and he ran off to Liverpool to live with her.

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