Monday, 21 July 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for July 14 - 18

Gentleman Award: Luke. And he's gone way up in my rating!

Master manipulator award: Usually Todd but Nick is in the winner's circle this week as well.

Ironic award: Michael got burgled.

Excercise Slacker: Dev was just strolling along on the treadmill.

Musical ambiance award: Lloyd worrying that Andrea's going to dump him to "What I Like About You". "More than this" playing for Luke and Carla

Planet Rodwell award: Yep, Gail could be very close to being smitten given half a chance.

Clingy award: I think Neil is picking up vibes from Andrea and is trying to make things better between them. I think it's too little too late.

Hippie award: Steve bought a VW camper van instead of a limo. I can't see a wedding couple hiring that.

Mama Bear award: Yasmeen does not approve of Leanne. You can hardly blame her, looking at it from her point of view.

Instant success award: How can Carla afford to pay Peter for his half of the factory when they were shut down for no work just last week or so?

Lines of the week:
David to Nick "Everyone knows you're her favourite ickle boy"
Michael "Feel free to go 'na na na na na'"
Kal to Nick "Unlike you, I don't take me anger out on women" (1 Point to Kal)
Michelle "We need to make some sacrifices" Steve about Tracy "I'll sacrifice her. On the altar"
Gail "Actions have consequences" (she could tell Nick that as well)
Carla to Peter "When I clap eyes on you, all i see is pain and death"
Gail about Nick "How did he seem? in himself?" Leanne "Take your pick. Determined. Idiotic. With the sort of face you want to punch"
Gail "One day he's losing the plot, next he's shutting the Bistro"
Beth "Role play wears off after awhile. But then, when you're soul mates, who cares?" (awwww)
Maria "Everyone still hates me because of what i did to Tyrone and Fiz" Carla "Half my workforce probably think I'm a murderer. But stuff happens. You deal with it"
Izzy "We all think we need someone. And maybe we don't"
Gail "OH this is cozy. The Brothers Grimm settling down to hatch their next plan to scare people"

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