Thursday, 24 July 2014

Corrie Catchup and Corrie Week on CBC

This just in from CBC. Previously, if you wanted to catch up on Coronation Street, you would have to wait until Sunday for CBC to upload the week's episodes to their video site.

Now, they're going to do it every day! According to their website, Corrie's episode for each day will be uploaded to the CBC Player at 6:30 p.m. ET (adjust for your time zone). That's great news!

Even better, the week of July 28 - Aug. 2 is Corrie week on CBC via social media. The hashtag is #CorrieWeek and they want to hear from you about how much Corrie means to you. They'll also have behind the scenes video on the site as well.

CBC's Corrie site
@CBC  on Twitter
CBC  on Facebook
CBC  on Instagram

And don't forget us here, on Bluenose Corrieblog. We often live-tweet the show from Atlantic Canada with #corriecanada as the hashtag.

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