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Sunday Comments July 13

Post funeral, it's nice to see that Tina was spoken about in a few scenes. Often once the funeral is done, you hardly hear a word about the deceased on screen. Peter is put through the wringer yet again at the cop shop, taking advantage of his post-drunken state. They wouldn't get anything out of him because after all, he's not guilty!

Carla went missing the day after the funeral. Where did she go? To work. And damned early from the look of it. She's ready to face the world. Tracy, on the other hand, can see Rob is getting all worked up and doesn't really understand why Tina's death has thrown him right off kilter. Everyone's grief only adds to Rob's guilt. Wonderful stuff showing Rob's face as Stef talked about the person that did it, how you'd think it would show in their eyes or on their face. Yep. If you know where to look! Deirdre is very firmly on Team Peter and thinks he needs to reclaim his life, starting with his business. And she told Rob off again, too. Good on her! But now, thanks to Eccles, Deirdre has found the charm bracelet that Rob nicked from the flat. Peter moved it out of the way and clearly didn't recognize it, probably thought it belonged to Tracy or Deirdre. It's Tracy's now anyway, by way of finders' keepers.

Carla had to grovel to the workers but they really weren't all that upset, they are all more concerned with having a job at this point. Carla knew what to say to get Sally on board. Sally changed her tune in a heartbeat, knowing she'd be the PA again. Where does that leave Eva? Oh yes, Carla sacked her, didn't she? Or as near as. Anyway, never mind, Eva is going to be the next full time barmaid now that Liz is down a body behind the bar. Play to your strengths, luv.

Leanne and Kal now all loved up and Nick has to be told. And all his mean and nasty ways certainly didn't have the effect he may have hoped for. She didn't give up Kal and come crawling back, she's with Kal full time. Take that! Leanne is getting all stroppy because Nick actually followed through and is suing her for divorce. Only because he's blaming her for adultery. Technically, that's true, I suppose. His shagging Kylie was before he was married but you really have to call him a hypocrite on this one anyway. I think Leanne could have a good case for a financial settlement against the Bistro, considering how much of a contribution she's made into making it a success but she's taking her job back instead. She's right, though, he can't sack her for those personal reasons.

It doesn't matter that he promises to be civil to her in front of Simon. This was always going to happen, I always felt she married Nick on the rebound from Peter anyway. Leanne and Nick were never the long game. Nick continues to be vile to Leanne and Leanne continues to lean on Kal. Simon seems to be in a blue funk, just shrugging at the news of the divorce, new relationship and the probability that Nick will reject him soon enough just like everyone else. Alya knew that Kal and Leanne fancy each other and figured it all out. She's ok with it. Granny won't be. I guess that means we're going to meet Granny at some point. I can't wait!

Gary and Izzy haven't been getting along that well and now he's kicking off because Izzy wanted to go out and assumed he'd babysit so he cut that off, went out himself and misbehaved very badly. You could see his face light up and his eyes go all predatory when he clapped eyes on Alya. Oh Gary. What have you done! Now he's got to make sure Jason knows the excuse that he slept on the sofa at Number 11. Sorted. Izzy was immediately suspicious there might be another woman involved. Gary isn't that great a liar but she's buying it. For now. Katy isn't buying it. Gary says he has nothing to regret until Izzy and Jake come in just before Alya who turns out to be Kal's daughter. Who has a degree in Textile Design, virtually guaranteeing she'll end up working at or for the factory, designing a new line probably. Izzy's even making an effort to avoid Gary now.

Ah but guess what? Gary and Alya didn't have sex. She let him think they did to punish him. She doesn't want the truth to come out either, due to disappointing her family and one night stands are not her style. Good for her! (Yes, they're Muslim. Alya remarked at the club that she didn't drink or do one night stands)

Nice little scene with Gail apologizing to Kylie and David for being short tempered lately. Now Kylie feels guilty about sending that letter to Michael. Ooops. It's virtually guaranteeing that he'll show up on Gail's doorstep. Gail reckons she probably helped set Michael on the path to an upstanding life. Kylie set him on the path to Gail's door. Not so forgiving now, is she? He's all excited because he thinks Gail fancies him. Gail's horrified! Michael goes on about what life in prison is like. He was only in there five minutes. Gail seems to be about to make Michael a project.

A few days later, Michael has come to Gail to try to make peace over that letter. They were both mortified about Kylie's trick. He thinks they might be able to be friends but when David and Kylie catch him there, he's out on his ear. Even so, Gail defends her right to choose her own friends. Oh dear, Gail, are you about to get involved with another wrong' un? Nice to see her and Sally having a chat. Sally isn't so sure being friends with Michael is a good idea but Gail says he's a nice bloke.

Kylie's been invited to Barbados to see Becky but David doesn't think they can go because they can't take Max out of school. What's got into Max all of a sudden? He can't sit still, he's nearly uncontrollable and when the Head brings them in to talk about it, she doesn't get far because Kylie is insisting that Max is an angel. There's obviously a problem, though, because recently we've seen him hyped up and destructive. A new storyline perhaps? Kylie makes sure Max knows about the holiday which backs David into a corner but David is more worried about Michael's influence on Gail. She reckons she can sort him out and makes a ruckus at his workplace and it's so bad that Michael loses his job. Kylie thinks she's seen Michael off good and proper. Bring on the holiday. But what about Max? they fine you now for taking your kid out of school. But Michael went straight to Gail and that's going going to push them closer together. It doesn't seem fair he got the sack for unfounded accusations, though.

It's Steve's 40th birthday this week and he's not happy about it. Happy Birthday Steve! You may remember that Amy was conceived on the occaision of Steve's birthday, 29th I think. Getting a pair of slippers and aftershave for your birthday is one way of making someone feel old! Michelle, selfish cow that she is, bought him a coffee table because she wanted one! Laughed at Lloyd regifting a couple of CDs and forgetting to put the disks in the cases! Aw he's having a real life crisis. Michelle doesn't see that, though. It's just a midlife crisis "routine" to her.

Steve thinks his life is over, his youth at least. He had difficulty seeing all the successes he does have. Growing up is sometimes a sobering thing. You might not be carefree and young but your life changes to something else, not necessarily something worse, just different. He feels guilty that he knew about the affair and look how it turned out. He feels like a coward and feels he's always taken the easy way out. He has to find a way to come around to it. He's going to search for the hero inside himself. He's going to do the right thing. We wait with bated breath and we don't have to wait very long. A few days later, he's right back in the doldrums and Michelle doesn't seem very sympathetic to Steve's blue mood. Steve seems to prefer spending time alone in the taxi these days

Maria's back and ready to face the rancour and disapproval of the neighbours. Kirk is by her side, and if i had a brother, I'd want him to be Kirk, wouldn't you? Fiz certainly wasn't happy to see her. As you might expect. It'll be a long time before Fiz forgives her. Todd is not happy to see Maria back. Maria seems to be calmer and she's going to let Marcus see Liam. Todd can see that it's a situation he isn't going to be able to control and keeps trying to undermine things but it looks like the scales are slowly dropping from Marcus' eyes especially after Todd insulted Steve when Steve caught him skiving (he'd pulled a sickie) and Steve sacked him. Marcus still defended Maria when Fiz was slagging her off in the pub while Todd pulls out all the stops to continue to try to keep Marcus away from Maria. I don't think it's going to work.

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