Monday, 14 July 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for July 7 - 11

Need new trousers award: Gary got a shock meeting Alya at the gym the morning after, with Izzy and Jake by his side. And she's his mate's daughter.

History Fail award: Beth through Mrs. Pankhurst was one of her old teachers. She may have been but the one Mary was referring to was a Suffragette in the early 20thC.

Get a grip award: Rob really isn't dealing with what he's done very well. Why isn't someone starting to be suspicious?

Blood relations Fail: Deirdre pointed out Rob isn't blood-family. Tracy said that neither was Peter. Wrong. Peter's the only one in that room that does have true Barlow blood.

Pants on Fire award: Deirdre hasn't told Ken *any* of the recent upset. Not Peter's drinking, not the affair, not the miscarraige or Tina's death. Boy, is he going to get a shock! And Gary is telling porkies about his night out, pretending he's slept on Jason's sofa.

Predictable award: Alya has a degree in textile design. Carla has a knicker factory. A match made in heaven?

Smoking Gun award: Peter's fingerprints are now on the stolen bracelet.

Bessie Street Liliput Land: Don't believe that there wouldn't be one or two adult sized chairs outside the head's office.

Brother of the year award: Kirk. If I had a brother, I'd want it to be Kirk.

All Talk No Action award: Steve's inner hero ran away crying.

Wrong'un Radar award: I beg to differ. Gail continually shows her experience with men gives her no insight whatsoever to wrong'uns.

Lines of the week:
Julie "You can't go wrong with a doily" Sean "You're not the first to say that and you won't be the last" (lovely little tidbit of dialogue there!)
Steve (on Liz hiring Eva) "Don't I get a say?" Liz "Go on then. Have your say" (ie it's a done deal no matter what you say.)
Gary about Steve "40? I always thought he was much older"
David "Spite's a very powerful emotion" (he should know)
Leanne "This isn't adultery. It's me moving on with me life"
Izzy "How do you tell if someone's lying?" David "They've got an Adam's apple" (it's not sexist coming from a man, is it?)
Lloyd "What could possibly go wrong" and Gail about Michael "Oh he won't bother us again" (Phrase of doom alert!)
Alya to Gary "Have we met before? It's amazing what you can forget somoetimes!" (stick the knife in a bit more, will you?)
Nick "If I can't be happy, why should you two?"
Deirdre "I invented hot and cold!" (she was a goer back in the day, that's true)
Michelle "You must have been a hippo in a past life, you wallow so well"
Steve "Lloyd's always been a good friend over the years. He's always had the decency to leave every decade as I arrive" (cha ching!)
Kirk "Maria's coming back today" Todd "Little Miss Fruit Loops? How's she doing?"
Michelle "You were going to search for the hero inside, apparently" (another put down, I see) Steve "I searched. I couldn't find him. I think he ran away crying"
Kylie "Michael Rodwell legged it out of our house in shame, there's no way he'd show his face round here again" (um....)
Gail "My experiences with men mean I can spot a wrong'un a mile off. If the gave out certificates, I'd have a PHD. Gail McIntyre, Dr. Love!" (Um....)
Sean "A modern man, eh? Dad's at home looking after the kid and Mum's in the pub. That's progress"

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