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Sunday Comments November 9

Kylie seemed to be making an effort to change her ways. She even washed her drugs down the sink after a lovely day with her family. Wonder how long that will last?

Michael has to go get the test results from the cardiologist and he was terrified at what he thought he'd find out. Eileen went with him because he was too scared to put Gail through it but on their way back, a friendly hug is going to be misconstrued because David and Kylie saw it.

Did anyone else besides me think it was weird that Gail was so friendly to Tracy when she came to borrow Ken's kimono? She hates Tracy! And borrowing the kimono? How many kinds of wrong is that? The problem is, she went to great lengths to make a Japanese meal for Michael but he was at the hospital getting test results with Eileen, he'd not told Gail he was going. And a hug to thank her was overseen by Kylie and David who made a mountain out of a molehill.

Michael had to confess the truth. He went to the hospital for the test results and Eileen went with him instead of Gail. The results weren't good. He's "positive", in other words, he must have tested positive for the heart condition his father had. He's on medication now and may have to have a transplant. It makes finding his son even more important. David did some internet searches and it sounds like Gavin dropped out of sight in 2011. What if he's dead Michael worries. You'd find that out on the net. I reckon he was in prison.

Norris was on guard outside. He asked Katy to sit in for him but he never told her what he was waiting for. It was the post office apparently, that re-delivery he missed the other day. But he missed it again due to Emily insisting on him eating breakfast. Katy got her own back on him. Good girl! All he could obsess about even during the wait up to the wedding was that parcel. Why didn't he just pick it up at the post office depot? And he was so obsessed that he completely failed to revel in the scandal at the wedding.

In the lead up to the wedding, Tracy managed to scrape a few friends together for a hen night. I say "friends" but only one really was, Beth. Beth made Sinead come and I have no earthly idea why Fiz and Izzy were there. Free fizz isn't worth having to spend the evening with Toxic Tracy who was at her bitchy best, insulting Izzy and disrespecting the lovely card Emily gave her. Though I do wonder why Emily gave it to her at the pub rather than on her wedding day or at home.

Carla is really tied in knots over these doubts she is having over Peter's conviction and when she catches Rob and Tracy in a lie about where they supposedly had an engagement party night romp (each telling a different story) and finding out that Tracy left the party alone, she thinks it's Tracy that was guilty and Rob is covering for her, that's why he was so insistent on Peter's guilt. She'd have no problem turning Tracy in, after all. He had her convinced for a little while and they joked about her speech and got all soppy about him helping her get through this awful year. But then she pointed out that Tracy's false alibi makes a mess of his and it all fell apart.

In very powerful scenes between Rob and Carla, she badgered and cajoled and he couldn't look his sister in the eye and lie anymore, whispering a tearful "yes" when she hammered at him, demanding to know if he killed Tina. He justified it, he didn't push her off, that was an accident, but then the rage took over. Carla wouldn't take his excuses and justification. Amazing stuff. What is Carla going to do now? Will she tell the police with the wedding the next day? He told her where the weapon is, did you catch that?

The wedding day begins with Rob on eggshells, wondering what Carla is going to do and Carla herself wondering what she's going to do and isn't speaking to Rob. He's using the touching words from her speech against her, trying to guilt her into keeping schtum but he can't get away from his own guilt, seeing the floral tribute to Tina outside the builder's yard. Carla noted the flowers and later, talking to Ken outside the wedding venue, I think that turned her decision in the end. She turned Rob in for Ken and Deirdre and Simon.

Tracy's oblivious of course, of all the events that are about to happen, just looking forward to being the centre of attention on her big day. She was rude again to Emily over the cameo. I wondered if Tracy was going to have a maid of honour and I see it's going to be Beth. Ken tells Tracy she's glowing. The more compliments laid on her, the more she crows about being happy, the harder she's going to fall.

And fall she did when Rob nearly ran into her when he legged it out of the manor, leaving Carla to tell everyone what was going on. Naturally, Tracy won't believe it. Would you? And just as naturally she's going to blame Carla for ruining her day and her life but it's Rob that's to blame. That's what you get for marrying a murderer. I did find it odd that the police accepted Carla's statement over the phone and came with sirens screaming. They certainly weren't even sure Carla was telling the truth!

Tracy of course is devastated but even so, still can't think of anyone but herself, not even Peter when Ken wants to get a message to him. And when Peter hears, you could tell he wants to hope so badly, not really trusting it's true. It could be Rob's word against Carla's but maybe they'll find the weapon and maybe there will still be some evidence. Didn't Rob chuck it in the canal?

Well, now the truth about Tracy's alibi, her being with Tony, could come out and Liz is furious! I don't blame her, either! They even arrested her for perverting the course of justice! (because they think she could have covered for Rob but then there is always the false alibi, i should think) Tracy stuck to her story, though, because she doesn't want to go to jail for dealing in dodgey goods and where was her solicitor? Are they even allowed to question her without one? She finally admitted about the stolen goods, though, to prevent herself from going to prison. She still can't believe Rob would have done it, but you wouldn't, would you?

More wedding synopsis and photos here. 

Meanwhile, Rob is in a Bed and Breakfast but chances are his photo will be in the newpaper the day after so it won't be so easy to hide.

Gary and Alya are definitely going to date, but she is insistent on going so slow that she won't even hold his hand! Michelle really does think Steve has gone off her. Steve is still sinking and nobody really notices it's more than just a bad day or two.

Cilla makes tracks to leave. It seemed like a very down-beat visit. She wasn't really nice but she wasn't her usual obnoxious self. I suppose being ill does that to you, makes you more aware of your mortality. She can finally see the error of her ways and it she knows it's karma. She seems to be trying to suck up or be nice or something, probably angling for an invite to stay longer. Her flinching at Fiz's hug made Fiz think she was just pulling away but it was pain.

Sinead finally broke confidence and told them all the truth. Chesney is so bitter about his treatment at his mother's hands that he finds it hard to believe she really is ill and you can't really blame him. Now they all feel guilty, sort of. Well, Fiz does. But they don't know how to get hold of Cilla. Sinead did, though, or at least she put her mind to it and caught up with her and brought her back.

It's confirmed. Carla moved into Victoria Flats. I see the Weatherfield Transporter works well. Michelle went from being in the pub with Steve to drinking wine with Carla in an instant. We were outside on the street with Rob, Tracy and the girls and Michelle wasn't running across the cobbles like Speedy Gonzales which she'd have to have done to get there so fast. Chuckled at Sean making Kevin choose between he and Kirk, Kevin being political and making Sean feel better. But really? I think down to earth Kirk might be more Kevin's type!

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