Monday, 3 November 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Oct. 27 - 31

Busted, so he is!

Stepford Wife award: Kylie offered to clean and cook for when Gail and Michael get back.

I need new shorts award: Carla is certain Peter is innocent and asks Rob who did it? You're looking at him, honey and he knows it.

Blast from the past: Liz mentioned Annie Walker (whom she never met but she probably heard all the legends). David mentioned Archie Shuttleworth and Audrey doing the hair for his deceased clients.

Ruling the Roost: Yasmeen rules with an iron fist, not in a velvet glove, either.

Phrase of Doom alert! Tracy wonders what she'd ever do without Rob and he says she'll never have to find out. Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we synchronize our watches?

Why Not Take Olive Me? The Bistro olives are still rearing their pits ... we learned that Nick gave Tyrone and Fiz loads!

Foot in mouth disease award: Norris didn't know what Jamila was. And he asked Zeedan if it was a giant rat. No, that was my dead mother's name. Doh.

Lines of the week:
Sinead to Fiz "Can you imagine today might be the day you find out you're going to be going to prison for the next 20 years?" (Yeah, she can, actually)
Tony "Let me guess. Baking a cake with a file in it" Liz "If I was baking it for you, it'd have poison in it" Tony "If it were for me, I'd eat it"
Ken "How will anyone in his family be fine again?" (he wasn't that upset when Tracy was convicted)
Liz to Tracy "Do they ever shut up on your planet?"
Roy "The usual chaos would be quite agreeable"
Cilla "Well don't look so pleased to see me" (They aren't)
Tyrone "You've met my mum. Having Cilla's like having royalty" (well when you put it that way...)
Rita to Norris "D'you know, I've often wondered why you didn't persue a career in the diplomatic corps" (queen of sarcasm is our Rita)

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