Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Comments November 2

All are assembled, the jury is back in no time. And he's guilty. I really wouldn't have said that would happen since there wasn't really any definitive evidence but it's a soap. He's got to get convicted so that Rob gets caught and Peter can have a triumphant homecoming. Rob looked horrified but you'd think he'd look highly satisfied, wouldn't you? He managed to get his smug opinion out there, though.

Simon must have been watching the news feeds. I really doubt any of his family would have told him via text. Everyone's buzzing about the verdict now. The Barlows are gutted and Ken looks completely crushed. He wasn't that upset when Tracy got convicted, was he? Tracy and Rob went to the pub. You'd think, knowing everyone would be talking about Peter, that they'd choose somewhere else to drink? Tracy gave them all a mouthful as per usual even though most of them were fairly circumspect, except Beth of course, and Eileen.

Leanne tore a strip off Rob for getting Simon's hopes up and Simon is wishing he could have someone else's name, poor kid. Carla really can't understand why Rob promised Simon that Peter was innocent and Rob is pedalling hard to cover up why he said it. Carla's sure that Peter didn't do it. Who did? You're looking at him.

Peter is ok with the wedding going ahead without him but Peter is going to have to sell the shop to pay for his appeal. and appeal he must because he was sentenced to 15 years.

Meanwhile, Deirdre can't make the wedding and Tracy reckons it ruins "everything". I can understand her being disappointed, of course. This excuse is because Anne Kirkbride wanted to have a couple of months' break. The timing isn't great but we don't know what's behind the request. Rob was really sweet to her and knew the right things to say. I really do wonder, though, where they got the money for such an expensive wedding and first class tickets to India (Goa).

Kylie's turning into Mrs. Clean, going through the house from top to bottom and cooking for Gail's homecoming. We know she's running on speed, that's where she gets all the energy. Gail and Michael got home and looked very happy and rested. Kylie is managing to avoid another dose but after hiding it in her bag of tricks, little Liam nearly got into it. We know and Kylie knew there were drugs in there but there are also a lot of toxic things like nail polish remover, scissors and stuff like that.

Instead, she went rushing to see Callum who wants to see Max. Wasn't interested before but he's got to be curious. She made a mistake mentioning the school name and sure enough, Callum turns up at the schoolyard, horrifying Kylie. But how did he know which kid was Max? I didn't think Kylie had shown him any photos. Mind you, he might have seen Max when he was little. She's lying to David, she's acting erratic and he is at his wits' end. She tells Callum he'll never see her again yet she keeps going back and then when she did, her old friend overdosed so she had to delay going home even later.

Roy allowed himself to be invited to the pub for lunch and then later, he came on his own and didn't want to leave. He doesn't want to be alone in the flat and jumps at every noise, especially when it's people shouting outside. It's a scary thing, being burgled. But Fiz and Tyrone have been keeping an eye on him and had him over for tea. He didn't mind the chaos of a family evening but I bet he never counted on the chaos that walked in the door, Cilla's back!

Cilla actually seemed kind to Roy when she heard about Hayley. There's a change. But the morning after, she was back to her tacky self. Still, did you notice in the cafe, Beth jostled Cilla's arm and she winced. Chesney really has a lot of resentment towards Cilla. Cilla was clearly in pain and had been hiding it but Sinead caught her. Cilla says it's osteoporosis and she knows they won't feel much sympathy for her.

Looks like Owen is going to lose the house. They don't want to go far, so Faye doesn't have to change schools. I reckon they'll rent the flat from Dev. Audrey clearly has a crush on Luke. Looks like Roy will be rid of all the books in the cafe, they're moving to the Community Centre and rightly so. Love how Yasmeen rules that family with an iron rod. The community centre opens this week with Yasmeen driving everyone mad in the last few days and then accepting all the glory when it's done, forget all those little people that helped like Emily.

Liz told Jim. Again. that she wasn't coming back. She told Steve that Jim has been harassing her by phone and told him about the open prison scheme. Steve is furious and feeling like his father used him to get to his mother. I don't think he did, he wanted a relationship with his son as well as Liz. Steve let Jim dangle a bit before he told Jim what he came to say. No more son for you! And Steve busted him for making harassing calls to Liz. That'll be it for Jim on our screens and I doubt very much we'll ever see him out of prison again! I expect the Landlord will have to shut up shop now. Difficult to get your hands on ilicit goods in solitary confinement.

Poor Steve! You can tell that though he knows he probably did the right thing, it's painful to cut your father down like that. He certainly lashed out at Liz and Michelle afterwards and then didn't sleep all night. He's really detaching from everyone, though. Michelle tried a romantic lunch but that didn't go over well. He didn't show up. It's irritating that Michelle assumes Steve's going off her because he won't talk aobut it.

Tony and Liz kept on resisting each other, giving each other resentful yet longing looks from across the pub until they finally, warily, made advances back to each other. Tony made the first move and they both apologized, kissed and made up. Gary and Alya are finally starting to get together. He promises there won't be any pressure to have sex. I do think Maria is being rather vile to Kylie about medicating Max, mind you and it was her doing more of the instigating in the salon the next day. And she has the nerve to day she could slap Kylie. I'm surprised Kylie didn't smack her.

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Anonymous said...

I could never understand how the jury in this case could be so stupid and convict Peter. I know it's a soap, but that's just plain stupid.

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