Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Guest Post: An Open Letter to Steve McDonald

Here's another guest post by Beth and Paul Irving, the folks from Lost in Coronation Street over on YouTube. It is “An Open Letter To Steve McDonald”.

Dear Steve

You have the life that I have always wanted.
The life that I will never have.

Your own pub and a mum who will give you free drinks.
Your own mini-cab company where you can hang out with Lloyd and Eileen.
You have actually seen Fat Brenda and can get to the airport faster than anyone.
You have a cute girlfriend and passed your course in modern, British history.

Why are you so sad?
It makes me sad…and at times…it makes me angry.

I Who Have Nothing

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole point of this storyline the fact that depression isn't always rational, with a logical cause? It's an imbalance of brain neuro-chemicals, sometimes triggered by life circumstances, but sometimes not! Unfortunately the treatments are often equally illogical. Sometimes drugs help; sometimes they don't, and all this makes it very hard for families, since from the outside (and often inside)it makes no sense.

Tvor said...

Yes, I do agree. The authors of the guest post may also like to post a response.

paul irving said...

We also agree.

Beth and Paul
Lost On Coronation Street

paul irving said...

Oh, and be sure to visit our Youtube channel.
Perhaps even subscribe!
Two minute blasts of Corrie LOVE!

See you in The Rovers.
Beth and Paul

paul irving said...


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