Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A crossroads for Corrie characters

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2014.)

Okay, when I say 'crossroads', I am in no way referring to the creaking old behemoth that dominated ITV schedules for decades. Although a few characters could easily be consigned to that rickety motel in Birmingham. Forever. No. I'm referring to the personal crossroads that a few Corrie faces will arrive at this autumn. For us, the viewer, the interest comes in pondering which direction the writers take them.

Tracy Barlow - you either loathe her or, well . . . loathe her a little bit more. Enshrouded in yet another red creation and tongue poised to deliver yet another lashing, Trace has hardly endeared herself to family and friends. Not that she has any friends. In recent weeks, Ms Barlow's world has crashed around her like a tumbling bowl of Deirdre's trifle. As we know, there are no grey areas with Trace. She will either crumble and fall like never before or we are in for a winter of discontent. Cue the incredulous faces and spiteful put downs. That route would seem like a cop out. It's time to reboot Tracy and the real drama would come in seeing her piece together her shattered life. Stomping around like a ketchup coloured fishwife is not a joyous prospect.

The chill wind of reality seems to be whirling around the spectacularly unlovely Todd at the moment too. Bless him. He's been left with nothing except a truly horrific sweater, that nasty belted mac and a job in Britain's most cheerless shop. Time for a little introspection or time to batter the life out of a drum kit? Surely Todd, who is not exactly daft, can examine the rubble of his life and start again. Again for the viewer, surely the best outcome is to observe Todd slowly rebuilding relationships and trust. He was a decent character a decade ago and seeing him in 'bitter old queen' mode doesn't make for happy viewing. It's telly drama for heavens sake! After the lows, we need some highs. Otherwise we might as well all do a conga down to Albert Square and hurl ourselves from the roof of the Queen Vic with the rest of the 'Enders.

Hopefully one Street resident we will see rise like a phoenix (there's a thought: maybe Conchita Wurst could be hired as a new Rovers barmaid?) is the wonderful Julie. Her nascent relationship with comedy Dev could be Corrie gold and may also offer the ultimate accolade in getting Jules behind the counter of the Corner Shop. The place needs a little bit of Carp magic. Corrie writers - hear my plea!

The fate of Steve Mac is going to be the biggest draw of the winter months though. In Simon Gregson's hands we will have a storyline that will be much more than a 'tears of a clown' tale. Will his bellowing mother and shrewish girlfriend offer comfort? Maybe but this is Steve's story and how he recovers from something as debilitating as depression will have to be handled carefully.

Add to this the rise of the 'Great Brittons' (loving Steph and Luke - breath of fresh air), Carla's new-found confidence and the return of Mother of the Year Cilla, it's suddenly looking like a decent run up to Christmas. Time to get the sprouts on a low boil . . .

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