Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tracy Barlow does the right thing

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2014.)

We've seen the back of Rob Donovan tonight. I've enjoyed the character quite a bit and meeting him here in Halifax in November, 2013 added to that enjoyment because I met the man behind the character. At that time, there was no immediate end in sight for Marc Baylis on Corrie but he was the one chosen to kill Tina. Was he the expendable crew member or was it the case of last in first out? We were losing Chris Gascoyne as Peter and it could just as easily have been him that killed Tina but as he's attached to the longest standing family on the show and they'd want the chance to to have Peter back at some time in the future.

I enjoyed the whole storyline and liked that we knew from the start who the murderer was. It was interesting to watch Rob's guilt torture him, all the while planning a future with Tracy. He ended up confessing to Carla, the only one that knew him inside and out and that was it. Just a matter of time.

This week, it was Tracy that offered to run away with Rob but it seems maybe that was the "old" Tracy. The "new" Tracy backed out and was even the one the turned Rob in to the police. She said there were two reasons. She couldn't leave Amy and she didn't want to risk going back to prison. I wonder if we'll even see Tracy with a changed point of view, someone unselfish, someone that puts their daughter first from now on. Maybe not.

I had a feeling she might be the one that turned Rob in but I wasn't sure. I did figure that he would get caught, perhaps the police following Tracy. It's soap law, after all. All in all, Marc Baylis and Kate Ford *both* turned in very good performances this week!

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