Monday, 31 October 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Oct. 24 - 28

End of his rope award: David. My heart breaks for him.

Anecdote of the week: Gold Tooth Isaac. Some questions, you don't ask. Superb!

Glass half full, glass half empty: Steve's plan of attack is retreat to avoid the bad news. Tim's is to advance, because there's always a chance of an all clear. I'm with Tim. Underhanded award: Nick isn't above subterfuge, paying Phelan off to lie to Robert. Phelan, of course, never turns down a handout, no questions asked.

Pots...Kettles... Tracy telling Ken to do what he wanted because he always does.

Throwback award: Nick talked about what happened when the man that killed his father got out of jail and he got Leanne into danger.

Lines of the week:
Michael "I don't pop up as well as I used to. What're you going to do, throw me on the scrap heap?"
Anna about Faye "She wasn't acting very grown up last night, was she?" (Well yes, yes she was. More than you were.)
Michelle "I always think about Steve. This time I have to be selfish" (*This* time? there's a reason we all call her ME-chelle. But I'm with her on this one, actually. She does need to know)
Tracy "Flying business class on Bacon Air, is he?"
David about his car "You won't find many Bond girls draped over it but it suits me"
Sophie "I'm not coming back as Kate Moss"
Nick about Steve "He'll be down that hospital in a minute with the impression of Tracy's stiletto on his back"
Tracy "I was the only person in the cinema cheering for the iceberg" (Why am I not surprised)
Tracy "You're swanning off like some geriatric Jack Sparrow"
Tracy "Mary, I pay you to sell flowers, not do me head in" Mary "I can do both"
Ken to Peter "One of the very few things you ever showed an aptitude for is deceit"
Peter "All your life you've talked the talk but the only walk you've ever walked was away" (which is where Peter learned it)

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