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Sunday Comments October 23

David's next effort is to plaster the neighbourhoods with posters of Clayton's face. Dangerous move, really. Freddie warned David vaguely, that it wasn't a smart move and he believes even murderers deserve a fair trial. I can understand why David wouldn't take that stance. The police suspect it's David doing all these tricks but David lies so well. But the police are right, he could have damaged the case, making it even easier for Clayton to get off by not allowing him a fair trial. But even worse, Macca has been hit by a brick through the window and has a serious head injury and the police think David did it along with everything else. Uh oh.

David managed to keep his cool under interrogation. Even to the point of being flip. Gail seems to have corroborated David's story about a walk though she did lie to the police about David's injuries, that she didn't know how it happened. And a neighbour was seen tossing the brick through Macca's window so David's off the hook. For now.

David was released but never came home. Where did he go? Flowers to Macca and having to wait for him to go through surgery. Is he going to go down Karl's route and unplug the machines? No, he tried to smother him!!!! Dear heavens, David really has gone over the edge. I suppose he can claim temporary insanity. Even worse, the prosecution isn't going to have David testify at the trial. This could tip him right over the edge he was barely clinging to. He admitted to Nick what he'd done in the hospital. How close it came. You know, David is breaking my heart, all that pain and anger...

David isn't good for much after that. Audrey tries to get him to work to take his mind off things but he pretty much just calls it in and then leaves early. He's casing out the courthouse to see what kind of security there is, and there's a lot, but he does notice the armoured vans and where they enter the courthouse compound. hmmm....When he gets home, Gail finds him a lot more like his "normal" self. What's going on?

Steve and Tim are basking in the afterglow of their encounter with the star footballer, each trying to outdo the other. Tim gets the next leg up, with his own close encounter in the cab office with Tommy and has invited him for a little lads' party at his house. But a kickabout on the street ended up with Tommy getting hurt. I think that little friendship is over, don't you?

Vinny is keeping Eileen out of the loop as much as he can and she doesn't trust him. Nor should she. He said he was interviewing contractors but Tim said he drove him to the casino. He could have been interviewing there or he could have been stopping off. As Phelan said, it's his private life. Suspicious minds. What Vinny was actually doing was paying for new passports for he and Phelan who managed to warn Vinny. He was ready with a story, a buyer for Flat 8 so there's Eileen with egg on her face. It didn't stay there long when she found out that Rita signed a contract for Flat 8.

She really is a liability to the project. Phelan telling her off and threatening their relationship did far more to keep her in line than Vinny's threats. Confronting Todd got her answers but not what she expected. He thought fast on his feet and outlined a sort of scam but sort of not. The poshest flat is the one to get people interested then they can back out of that one and steer them to another one. Eileen is furious. Phelan is very good at thinking on his feet, too.

He knows just when to admit he's in the wrong even when he doesn't mean it, if it keeps Eileen on side. Phelan had to to confess to Rita that the flat was double sold, but played it like she still will get the flat after all and she bought it, hook, line and sinker. Phelan is now starting to have second and third thoughts about continuing the project. It's been far more trouble than he thought it would be but Vinny is insisting he stick with it for two more months and then they're out of there forever. But is that what Phelan wants now? He's found a comfortable life, maybe he doesn't want to be on the run forever. He even put out wine and candles for Eileen and proposed a nice holiday in a few months.

Phelan and Vinny are looking at 2 months to the end of the scam project but Phelan reckons Eileen is going to plague him with her insistent involvement. Vinny suggests that he find something else to occupy her. Phelan is successful in easing Eileen back to Streetcars, saying that it isn't really good for them to be living together and working together all the time. He's delicate about it and plies her with posh holiday brochures, promising they can go in 3 months. She goes back to the cab office but Sally sticks her oar in and Eileen ends up having to interview with Tim to get her old position back. I don't blame her for being offended, since, as she pointed out, she was at Streetcars since the very beginning. I think Tim was enjoying putting Eileen on the spot even if it was Sally that engineered it all.

The lads tease Freddie about a jealous Audrey  but he brags that she wants to go dancing with him. There's only one problem. He can't dance. Luke tried to teach him but he wasn't very good with the ballroom dance moves. Norris to the rescue. But in a garage, full of traps, they ended up with Freddie taking a dive and breaking his arm. He did confess to Audrey how he hurt it and she offered him a room at her house so she could look after him. Tyrone offered as well and Freddie took that up. Mind you, there are two children, and Craig's still kipping there, too.

Bethany might be banned from the gym but she can still run and Gary spotted her going like sixy down the road. Gary questioned her but Bethany seems to have eased his mind though she still seems to be feeling a bit isolated. But Izzy told Sarah about Bethany running and that plus Bethany avoiding food really worries Sarah. It's clear she's developing a disorder and it's clear she needs help. She did admit she just finds all the family troubles overwhelming and she can run so she doesn't have to think about everything. Poor kid. It's back to the gym, at least Gary can keep an eye on her and she can work out properly. And there's definitely a spark between Sarah and Gary. Aw, I think Sarah and Gary make a pretty good couple, actually. And it's about time she found a good guy for a change.

Anna is really being a cow at the idea that Sarah and Gary are making eyes at each other. She overhears Bethany teasing Sarah about a new fella and I'm not sure if Anna realizes it's Gary but she ends up telling Gail about this new fella, name unknown. It doesn't quite have the effect she hoped for i guess because Gail only hopes it's a nice guy and thinks it will perk Sarah up. Meanwhile, Bethany's crush is still evident.

She's got more things to worry about than her crush, though, because Sarah's found her diet pills. Bethany insists she's not taking them anymore but lets slip that Gary knew. Sarah might not have that new boyfriend for long when she tears a strip off him for not telling her even though Bethany made him promise not to.

Someone else has a new boyfriend, too. It's Faye who's engineered a babysitting night at Izzy's and sneaking this new young lad in. His name is Seb. I must say Faye is looking quite grown up these days but of course the actress is a few years older than the character. She got caught with her fella by Anna and Kevin checking up she's ok with Jake. Typical Anna, her nasty valve is wide open and there isn't much left of Faye after Anna was done with her. Ok, I'm sure Anna's worried about pregnancy but she did go over the top.

Gemma is in the short list of the Good Samaritan award but there's very stiff competition. Todd's advice is to pull at the heartstrings but she's really feeling defeatist.

Hmm, Steve has heard from his dad. What was it Steve's Dad had to say? It was bad news. Jim has been diagnosed with a genetic condition called Myotonic Dystrophy and he's called Steve to tell him. That means Steve might be carrying the same gene which also means it could be passed on to his children. He and Michelle go to their first scan and are over the moon but even though everything looks fine according to the technician, Steve knows you can't see genes on a scan screen. He finally manages to tell Michelle the bad knews and naturally she's kind of freaked out. But Steve is feeling so bad and guilty that she tries to be the strong one. Rana is roped in for some advice and when they weed through the plethora of dodgey websites and find a proper medical one, Rana tells them it's a 50/50 chance Steve has the gene and if he has it, the disease isn't curable. Or at least that's what I got from her sober shaking of the head. They need to go to the doctor and Steve needs to be tested.

We all know this is going to affect Leanne, and Leanne finds out the news from Michelle who she's found crying at the bus stop. Leanne of course, is freaked out and can't show it to Michelle, not more than general concern. Nick is going to wade in and start making waves and it's true, they do have a right to know what's going on. Bombard Steve with texts and calls until he has to leave the pub and come over. Nick promise to be sensitive and calm. Right. Not happening, is it? I think Steve would have been more likely to take the test if Nick hadn't stuck his oar in. It's a pissing contest.

Michelle didn't want Leanne to tell Liz or anyone else but Steve caved in about 2 minutes within talking to his mother. But Liz was very good and very supportive. But Steve is putting off telling Leanne. He doesn't know Michelle's already let the cat out of the bag.

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